“Tu Familia” Bike Safety PSA Makes Its Debut

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These “Tu Familia” posters, designed by Aaron Kuehn with input from LACBC’s City of Lights volunteers, LADOT, and R.E.I., remind motorists to watch out for their family.

In the spirit of our “Give Me 3” poster campaign, LACBC’s City of Lights program,–in conjunction with the LA Department of Transportation (LADOT) and REI– have debuted L.A.’s first-ever Spanish-language bike safety campaign! Perhaps you’ve already seen some of the posters around town, as they are appearing on bus shelters throughout Los Angeles.

Designed by local artist and LACBC volunteer Aaron Kuehn (you’ll recognize his work if you’ve ever seen his bicycle typogram in the LACBC resource guide) with the guidance of day laborers and City of Lights volunteers over several months, the PSA uses colorful reds, blues, and yellows to really make the message pop out to motorists. It reads, “PRECAUCIÓN: Tu familia tam­bién usa la bicicleta,” which translates to, “CAUTION: Your family also rides bicycles.” The PSA reminds everyone that people who ride bikes are your family, sometimes literally and sometimes figuratively. Family comes first, and your actions can put your family in danger.

Accompanying this poster is a video PSA, directed by Jordan Melograna. The short video depicts a man saying goodbye to his family and then recklessly driving around L.A., nearly hitting several people who are riding bikes. He doesn’t seem to notice how he’s putting each of these people’s lives in danger until he carelessly opens his parked car’s door out in front of a bicyclist who fortunately brakes in time. This bicyclist happens to be his own daughter.

This project brought together day laborer cyclists from CARECEN and IDEPSCA, LACBC staff, volunteers, LADOT, and REI to create a Spanish-language PSA campaign that not only speaks to a large demographic of LA city stakeholders–48% of our city is Latino–but the message was developed by the Latino day laborer cyclists themselves. You can read more about the process from the beginning to the middle.

Mayor Villaraigosa talks about the Spanish-language bike safety PSA and CicLAvia in MacArthur Park.

The poster was unveiled at yesterday’s CicLAvia and Spanish-Language Bike Safety PSA Press Conference in MacArthur Park with City of Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa and Councilmembers Huizar, Reyes, and LaBonge.

You can view photos on our Facebook page and learn more about the making of the print PSA by watching this behind the scenes video, also directed by Melograna.

Thank you to everyone who made this collaborative project possible: Elwyn Aguilar, Leo Espinosa, Guillermo “Capitan,” Rafael Guerrero, Andy Rodriguez, Allison Mannos, Miguel Ramos, Jason Ellis, Raquel, Greg, Andy S., Aaron Kuehn for his design, Jordan Melograna for directing and editing the video, Michelle Mowery and Nate Baird from LADOT, and Pete Novahom, Myrian Solis, and Daniella Escobar from REI. Additional thanks to those who worked on the video PSA: Colin Whitman, Jennifer Wright, Ryan Bosc, Kathy Peltier, Desiree Morales, Carlos Vasquez, Randy Bloise, Diane Kryszewski, Alex Cason, Rachel Hudson, Brad Ernske, Matt Grace, Saumin Pathak, Carlos Vargas, Irving Anguiano, Marcelo Quinonez, David Fordham, Raelin Martinez, Carlos Moreno, Jr., Adriana Fricke, Aislinn Glennon, Jahnny Lee , and JJ Hoffman.

And be on the lookout for these posters. You can download a PDF on Aaron Kuehn’s website.

Fans of “Give Me 3″: LACBC Leading on LA’s 1st Spanish-Language Bike PSA Bus Shelter Ad

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City of Lights Spanish PSA mtg. with BiciDignarios discussing and selecting messages

City of Lights/LACBC, in proud partnership with LADOT and REI, recently kicked off some brainstorm meetings with some BiciDignarios and day laborers we work with to create Los Angeles’ first ever Spanish-language bike PSA bus shelter ad.

Many of you may be familiar with the Give Me 3 bus shelter public awareness campaign LACBC and Midnight Ridazz spearheaded in 2010 with LADOT. To much fanfare, they debuted throughout thousands of bus shelters in the County and led to the Mayor and California Bicycle Coalition‘s campaign to get a Statewide 3-foot passing law.

Give Me 3 Press Conference in 2010 with Mayor Villaraigosa

Give Me 3 poster by City Hall, courtesy of LADOT

Now, LACBC is collaborating again, this time with REI’s Spanish language Community Relations Department Staff and LADOT to educate the public about cyclists’ rights again, en español! The process has been entirely led by Spanish speaking cyclists from the CARECEN and IDEPSCA day labor centers. Via popular education methods, City of Lights has facilitated the creative brainstorming process, turning the City’s public education opportunity into a cutting edge, culturally relevant, bottom up awareness ad, by and for Latina/o communities.

Rafa leads discussion at PSA meeting

At several different meetings, BiciDignarios and other cyclists convened to brainstorm themes and slogans addressing both cyclists and motorists on issues most important to them. This ranged from sharing the road, cyclist and motorist awareness, environmental, and safety messaging. They then refined 30 messages to be catchier and shorter, finally selecting the top 5 at yesterday’s meeting.

More updates to come as we wait for graphic designs and the final(!) vote by the BiciDignarios on the winning design. The final design is expected to get printed by the City and put up in 10,000 bus shelters Countywide.

City of Lights PSA Team

Mechanically Inclined Volunteers Needed to Help with BiciDigna Bike Repair Space!

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Calling all of you bike mechanic afficionados! Those of you that love nothing more than the sweet smell of grease, the clanking of tools, the ticking of freewheels. If you like fixing bikes and speak Spanish, we need you!

BiciDigna (“A Dignified Bicycle” in Spanish) is an exciting new collaborative project of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, the Bicycle Kitchen, and IDEPSCA. We are a community bike repair space at the Downtown Community Job Center, and work with Latino cyclists every week. We began our project out of the great need for low-cost bike repair and bikes, with the vision of creating a community fixture where Latino cyclists can congregate and fix bikes, and host bike rides.

Ideal volunteers would be interested in some or all of the following: Speak at least intermediate Spanish, feel very comfortable fixing bikes, and doing some light building/construction (i.e., building cabinets for bike tools, etc.) We typically do bike mechanic workshops once a week in the morning. Please contact allison@la-bike.org or visit http://ciudaddeluces.wordpress.com for more information and how to get involved!

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