LACBC 2010 Accomplishments

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2010 has been a very good year for LACBC and the bicycling community. We have continued to increase our staff, grown our email list, increased our membership numbers by 10% and have also enjoyed multiple campaign successes. Our regional reach has expanded to include cities such as Culver City, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, South Bay, and Long Beach, and we continue to become more active with low-income immigrant communities. New bicycle advocacy chapters, such as South Bay Bicycle Coalition and Culver City Bicycle Coalition, were created in partnership with LACBC while already existing groups like Santa Monica Spoke and UCLA Bicycle Coalition have only grown stronger.Through grants and fees for service, we’ve had a an increase in Bike Valet gigs and a win of 2 major grants from the County Department of Health (a third in which we’re a partner on) and the David Bohnett Foundation.

Some of our 2010 Campaign accomplishments include the striping of the 1st Sharrows in Los Angeles. After 6 years of relentless delays, LACBC was able to celebrate the striping of Sharrows on 6 streets throughout the City of Los Angeles. Sharrows have also been added to the LA City Bike Plan as an additional bikeway marking to be implemented on Class III Bike Routes.

Throughout the year, LACBC has met with key City Councilmembers, Mayoral staff, LADOT, the City Planning Department and other advocates to address cyclists’ concerns, build political support, and gain commitments for a stronger L.A. City Bike Plan. We continued our efforts started in 2009 with the Better Bike Plan Campaign to reach out beyond the cyclist community to gain backing from public health organizations, environmental groups, chamber of commerce, community organizations, and neighborhood councils. After two years of work, the City of Los Angeles’ Department of City Planning released the final draft of the 2010 LA Bike Plan in December and through the collaborative efforts of LACBC, Bikeside, Joe Linton and City Planning we have been able to gain the approval from the Planning Commission on a Plan that we can all support.

Measure R 10% for Bike/Ped After nearly two years of petitioning the Metro Board, Mayor Villaraigosa and City Council, LACBC helped secure a full 10% of Measure R Local Return funds for bicycle and pedestrian projects for the 2011 fiscal year. On April 28th, 2010, the final votes were cast and cheers rang out through the chamber as bicyclists and pedestrians emerged victorious with an 11-3 yes vote. This is a groundbreaking change for LADOT and an exciting opportunity for our city to shift towards more sustainable, healthy and safe transportation by providing a continuous source of revenue to do so.

The Give Me 3 Poster Campaign, part of a larger Bicycle Safety and Awareness Campaign was the 1st official on-street awareness poster campaign in Los Angeles. It was conducted in collaboration with Midnight Ridazz, and the The City of LA. This poster campaign also launched the Mayor’s 3-foot Passing Law initiative at the legislative level.

LACBC has been working on the 4th Street Bike Boulevard campaign for over a year, continuing the work that members of the bike community have been doing for years. We’ve gained support from several neighborhood councils and business improvement districts, local individuals, and L.A. Councilmember Tom LaBonge of CD4. 4th Street is also currently at the top of LADOT’s priorities for building “bicycle-friendly streets,” a new term developed in the draft update to the City of L.A.’s Bike Master Plan and has already received Sharrows on the entire length of 4th Street, bringing it that much closer to becoming the 1st Bicycle Boulevard in Los Angeles.

The Anti-Harassment Ordinance was approved by City Council to draft an ordinance providing for attorney’s fees and a $1000 award or damages, whichever is higher. LACBC, with the help of other local bicycle advocates provided recommendations and helped to push this forward in Transportation committee

City of Lights, our unique program that outreaches to Latino cyclists, held its first Annual Awards Dinner. We raised money to support our Spanish language safety education and repair classes and our BiciDigna program, a bike repair co-op space at a day laborer center that started in January 2010. Recently, the day laborers who attended mechanic classes were honored at a certification ceremony. Our 1.5 year long battle to get more bike parking in Pico-Union also yielded fruit: 43 new racks hit the ground in Fall 2010.

CicLAvia was incubated through the LACBC and inspired by the famous street closures in Bogotá, Colombia. Various LACBC volunteers, staff and other environmental organizations came together for the purpose of promoting and planning livable, car-free streets. LACBC helped to foster this concept and together, with the entire bicycling community, were able to enjoy the 1st of what we hope to be many more CicLAvias in Los Angeles.

LACBC celebrated its 10th Annual River Ride this year. It proved to have the highest attendance to date. We had over 2000 riders participate in our Tenth Anniversary Ride offering five distance/route options, the longest of which spanned the length of Griffith Park near Glendale to Seal Beach.

LACBC coordinated 3 Ed Magos Justice Rides which were instrumental in creating the media attention needed to bring the issue of hit-and-runs to the attention of LAPD Chief Beck, LA City Counil and the City Attorney’s Office. The Ed Magos case will serve as an example of how future hit-an-runs should be treated with fair and just process.

The Bike Wrangler program was created this summer and is supported by a grant from the L.A. County Department of Health. The Bike Wrangle program is an initiative created by the County Cycling Collaborative (CCC) which includes LACBC, the Bicycle Kitchen, the Bikerowave, the Bike Oven, the Valley Bikery and C.I.C.L.E. The Bike Wrangler works to recover abandoned bicycles and redistribute them to underserved communities. The LACBC will work with C.I.C.L.E. to distribute recovered bicycles at its community riding workshops which will be funded under the same grant. A warehouse / workshop space is currently being established at 1205 West 6th Street (@ Lucas Ave.).

LACBC Streetside Outreach Pitstops just started this Fall with the goal of reaching out directly to bicycle commuters and recreational riders alike. We provided sustenance (Bicycle Bread, cookies and brownies) and basic bike services (air, chain lube) and in return, we got enthusiastic sign ups for the e-newsletter and members. In a couple of hours on a good street intersection, we’ve managed to create a stir with the food and get over 50 email addresses for LACBC.

LACBC created the 1st Spanish Bicycle Resource Guides and completed the update of the new English Resource Guide. Over 600 Spanish Guides have been distributed and English Guides are available at Skylight books and soon to be available at REI stores.

In the past year, the Glendale Safe & Healthy Streets initiative has been a part of numerous successes. A city-wide bicyclist and pedestrian count was conducted, Sharrows were painted on five streets in Glendale (with more to come), the city and the LACBC stepped up Bike Month in May and received an official Bike Month Proclamation from the Mayor. The Riverdale/Maple Neighborhood Greenway has been improved by installing curb extensions and planting nearly 100 new trees along the entire corridor and bike racks were installed outside Glendale City Hall – the result of our advocacy and site recommendations. Additionally, we led site visits to Long Beach and Berkeley that were attended by Glendale City Staff, Commissioners, and elected officials. In September we introduced the Public Draft of the Safe & Healthy Streets Plan, a set of policy recommendations aimed at supporting and encouraging walking and biking in Glendale for years to come. This is the primary goal of our Glendale project and we’re working towards adoption of the Plan in 2011.

The South Bay Regional Bicycle Master Plan was funded by Los Angeles County Department of Health’s RENEW grant Initiative in 2010 to facilitate more cycling and bike infrastructure in seven different cities within the South Bay region. LACBC has been brought on to coordinate the efforts between the 7 cities and with Alta Planning.

LACBC would like to thank everyone – members, volunteers, city staff and political leaders for all the support in helping to move LA towards a more bike-able future.

What We’re Thankful for This Thanksgiving

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photo by Gary Leonard - courtesy

We have so much to be thankful for this year! First off we want to thank our wonderful volunteers, supportive members, and dedicated interns. You are what keeps LACBC moving and grooving! It is because of you that we have been able to expand our efforts, events, and our staff.

We are thankful for an amazing and ever-growing bicycle community, for collaborations with other advocates, social justice and environmental organizations all working to make positive changes in Los Angeles for people who need or chose to bicycle.

In the City of Los Angeles we are especially thankful for the 10% Measure R local return set aside for bicycle and pedestrian projects, a very successful first CicLAvia, the Give Me 3 Poster Campaign, sharrows on our streets, the largest River Ride yet, the new LA River Path extension, 73 bike parking racks in Pico-Union, all the fun social rides, and so much more.

We are thankful for the work of Heidi Sickler from Mayor Villaraigosa’s office. She has been a behind-the-scenes champion for bicycle improvements and CicLAvia, and has worked on addressing many of the issues brought forth at the Mayor’s Bike Summit and through the Bike Plan process.

We are thankful for Chief Beck making a commitment to changing LAPD’s relationship with the bicycling community and for the work of Sgt. Krumer.

In the County of Los Angeles we are thankful for seven south bay cities working together towards bikeability and the passing of the Culver City Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. We are thankful for our regional partners; Santa Monica Spoke, the Culver City Bicycle Coalition, Better Bike Beverly Hills, the South Bay Bicycle Coalition, Long Beach Cyclists, West San Gabriel Valley Bicycle Coalition, and all of the local groups working to make their communities more bike-able.

At the county level we are especially thankful to Mayor Villaraigosa for pushing through ten bicycle program directives to make bicycle connectivity with transit better and to increase the amount of funds available to cities around the county for bicycle projects through Metro Call for Projects. We also want to thank Metro staff and leadership for creating the Metro Bicycle Roundtable program and for working to address the issues the bicycle community has identified and to accomplish the Mayor’s directives.

Finally we want to thank all the people riding bikes in Los Angeles County everyday – each of you contributes – just by riding your bicycle – to making Los Angeles a better and more bike-able county. Thank you for riding your bike!

We want to hear from you – what are you thankful for this year?

Mayor Villaraigosa, the Need To Take Action for Safer Streets in Los Angeles is Now Painfully Clear

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A facility like San Francisco's protected green bike lane could have prevented the Mayor's crash. Photos; Bryan Goebel/StreetsblogSF

We just delivered a letter to Mayor Villaraigosa’s office. Click here to read it.

LACBC is saddened to hear about Mayor Villaraigosa’s recent bicycle crash. First and foremost, we wish Mayor Villaraigosa a quick recovery.

However, many local bicyclists can relate to the mayor’s experience all too well. The injury suffered by Mayor Villaraigosa on Venice Boulevard makes clear the need for safer streets for all road users in Los Angeles.

More education is needed for motorists about looking for bicyclists before pulling in or out of a parking space, opening car doors, or turning across a bike lane. With the Mayor’s leadership, the City should begin a bicycle safety awareness campaign similar to New York City’s “Look” campaign.

NYC's Bicycle Awareness Campaign "Look" is a model Los Angeles can look to. Photo;

Also, one of the best ways to increase motorist awareness of bicyclists is to create safety in numbers. This can happen through increased and better bicycle infrastructure and is why LACBC has been working so hard on the implementation of sharrows.

LACBC urges the Mayor to follow the lead of cities like Long Beach and San Francisco and make a commitment to implement multiple high-profile bicycle lane projects.  The designation of 10% of Measure R Local Return funds for bike/pedestrian projects in Los Angeles is an important step in this direction and we appreciate the Mayor’s continued support on this issue. The city of Los Angeles should use this opportunity to create a truly sustainable 21st century transportation system that features sound and comprehensive bicycle infrastructure.

Finally, LACBC has also begun working with the Los Angeles Taxi Workers Alliance (LATWA) to promote mutual respect and understanding amongst taxi workers and bicyclists. Together we will create materials to help educate cab drivers about sharing the road with cyclists.

LACBC and LATWA are members of the Green LA Transportation Working Group and believe that both bikes and taxis are part of the sustainable transportation system that Los Angeles needs to reduce overall car dependence.  Bikes and taxis extend the reach of public transportation and will help realize the Mayor’s vision of sustainability, livability, and “elegant density.”

Los Angeles, under the leadership of Mayor Villaraigosa and in partnership with the bicycling community and it’s partner advocates in the taxi world, must take action to make sure that our streets are no longer places where people from all walks of life can be injured in the blink of an eye.

Measure R Set-Aside Ensures Funding for Bike/Ped Projects

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Yesterday, LACBC was notified that the 10% bike/ped set-aside for Measure R was officially confirmed and monies were made available with the beginning of 2011 fiscal year on July 1st.  The 10% set-aside was initially approved by City Council, as part of their 2010/2011 City of LA Budget deliberations in May.

The 10% would set aside a projected 3.27 million dollars specifically for bicycle and pedestrian projects for the upcoming 2011 fiscal year.  To view the complete report, go here.

Unfortunately, due to hesitation to dedicate this funding to bikes/peds on Councilmember Parks’ part, all of this money needs to be spent in order for it this set-aside to be renewed in future years.

Fortunately, what this means is that there is money available to implement much needed bike and pedestrian infrastructure. There are enough ready- to -go projects and now lack of funding can no longer be an excuse. LACBC will work to ensure that every single penny of the over $3 million dollars for bike/ped projects for City of LA will be spent.

This success has been a collaborative effort between LACBC, LA Streetsblog (Damien Newton), and the Green LA Coalition Transportation Working Group, who after 2 long years of pushing for a set-aside for bikes and pedestrians can finally claim victory.

We want to thank our members and supporters for attending key meetings, calling their Councilmembers and writing letters in support for this 10%.  Without you, we could not have secured this victory.

We need you to send Letters to your Councilmembers, especially Garcetti!

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Whether you live in Councilmember Garcetti’s district or not, please read below.

Voting for a FULL 10% will prove to us, cyclists, and his constituents that he is committed to providing funding for cyclists and pedestrians in the budget.  Please emphasize the FULL 10%, because Councilmembers Parks and Smith have been asking for “up-to” 10%.  We need the FULL allocation.

If you live in Garcetti’s district, please use the sample letter language below and send it to:


You can also make phone calls and send mail to his office:

City Hall Office (213)-473-7013
200 N. Spring Street, Rm 475
Los Angeles, CA 90012

If you do not live in his district, you can use the text below to send an e-mail or make a phone call to your Councilmember.  Contact info at this website:


Please do this BEFORE end of day TODAY (Tuesday).

Thanks in advance.

Here’s the letter:

Honorable Councilmember Eric Garcetti

200 N. Spring Street, Rm 475
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Dear Councilmember Garcetti,

As direct constituents who live in your Council District 13, we urge you to vote in support of the FULL 10% set-aside for bicycle and pedestrian projects from Measure R Local Return at Wednesday’s City Council Meeting.  As one of the bicycle-friendly Councilmembers in LA City Hall, we count on you to make decisions to move the bicycle agenda forward.  We still have not seen Sharrows on the ground, so voting for this full 10% set-aside is one of the tangible ways that we know that you are truly supporting bicycling as a viable form of sustainable transportation for our city.

Council District 13 has one of the densest populations of bicyclists in Los Angeles.  Council District 13 is home to the Bicycle District and the recent LA Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts show that the Fountain and Vermont intersection in your district is one of the top-ten most populated locations for cyclists in all of Los Angeles.

In addition there are hundreds of shovel-ready projects in your district, as listed in the current and soon-to-be finished LA Bicycle Master Plan. Bicycle and pedestrian projects increase commerce and economic vitality.

Cities across the United States are incorporating bicyclists and pedestrians as transportation and LA needs to catch up and make a commitment to include them in the budget.

Your yes vote for a FULL 10% shows that you, Councilmember Garcetti, are committed to creating a more healthy and livable Los Angeles.



Address (if you can)

Measure R Meeting Wednesday 10am Full Council

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From wikipedia Commons

Thank you for your support thus far!

Measure R local return will be discussed in full City Council on Wednesday, April 28th at 10am, NOT Tuesday.   Measure R will confirm that we have money for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure on our streets next year. It is important to have cyclists, pedestrians and supporters out in full force to ensure that the full City Council passes these proposals.

The item is number 8 on the agenda, so don’t worry too much if you’re running late.

Here’s your chance to be a major part of making safer streets for bicyclists and pedestrians.

What: Measure R 10% Full Council Meeting
When: Wednesday, April 18th, 10am
Where: Council Chambers, 200 N. Spring St. LA 90012, Room 340

Talking Points for Wednesday:

  • There are numerous economic benefits to bicycling and walking. Biking and walking promote commerce and economic vitality of a city.
  • There are thousands of ready-to-go projects in Los Angeles.  LADOT has the list.
  • It is time to start giving cyclists and pedestrians their fair share of funding.
  • The old plan and new draft bike plan calls for a 5% mode split of bikes.  Bikes should get at least 5% of Measure R based on this alone.
  • The future of sustainable transportation for our city relies on the implementation of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.
  • There are more and more people bicycling and walking.  Thus we need more dedicated funding streams for bicycle and pedestrian projects.
  • There are thousands of shovel-ready projects that rely on this dedicated funding to implement much-needed bike lanes and bike-friendly streets as outlined in the current and proposed Bike Plan.
  • In the report, the language states that there is a 5% for bicyclists and 5% for pedestrians.  We would like it changed back to 10% to allow more flexibility based on need.
  • Cities across the United States are incorporating bicyclists and pedestrians as transportation and LA needs to catch up and include them in the budget.
  • The dedicated set-aside shows that you, our political leaders, are committed to creating a more healthy and livable Los Angeles.

For more background:

If you plan to attend, please e-mail

Cyclists and Supporters Roll Up in Numbers to Support 10% for Bikes and Peds

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Some speakers at Monday's Meeting

(From left to right) Irving, Woody, Dorothy, Sully, Alexis, Ramon

We asked for your help to come to City Hall and join us in voicing our support for a 10% allocation of funds from Measure R to go directly to bicycle and pedestrian related projects, and our call to arms was answered enthusiastically.

Monday afternoon at the City Council Joint Hearing with the Transportation and Budget & Finance Committees, a group of fifteen showed up to voice their support for the 10% set-aside for bicycles and pedestrians.

During the public comments section, it was absolutely exciting to see plethora of speakers support 10% for bicycle and pedestrian projects.  Many speakers also spoke about the need for a combined 10%, not separating 5% for bicycle projects and 5% for pedestrian projects, to allow for flexibility with the funds. Aurisha Smolarski, Woody Joseph, Dorothy Le, Alexis Lantz, Ramon Martinez, Irving Pham and Sully from LACBC, Hilary Norton, Executive Director from FAST, Lauren Ahkiam and Max Podemski from Pacoima Beautiful, JJ Moore, Faramarz Nabavi, Glenn Bailey and Greg Tedesco spoke strongly in support of 10% set-aside for bicycle and pedestrian projects.  There were also many people who attended the meeting and showed their support who didn’t speak.  LACBC members and supporters made strong arguments stating public safety, necessity, economic benefits, and support for the 10% as a commitment to implementing bike and pedestrian infrastructure on our streets.  Sully even sang an Irish Sonnet in support.  Hilary Norton spoke about the need for multi-mobility and making bicycling a viable form of transportation. Max Podemski and Lauren Ahkiam spoke about their Pacoima Wash multiuse path and vision and Complete Streets projects in Pacoima and the need for funding for such projects.  JJ Moore made succinct comments about cyclists facing dangers everyday and the need for better infrastructure.  Glenn Bailey spoke about the need and support.  Greg Tasco spoke about the safety concerns and need. All in all, there was a strong visible showing from the bicycling and walking community about the 10% issue, which provided noticeable political pressure when the Councilmembers discussed the proposal following public comments.

Continue Reading Cyclists and Supporters Roll Up in Numbers to Support 10% for Bikes and Peds…

Join Us- Monday April 19th at 1pm: 10% for Bikes and Peds!

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Hi everyone!

The meeting we’ve been waiting for- one of the last steps to ensuring that 10% of Measure R Local Return Funds are allocated for bicycle and pedestrian projects.  We need people to actively attend this meeting, speak up and show LA City Council that we want dedicated funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects!

When: Monday, April 19th, 1pm

Where: LA City Hall, 200 N. Spring St, Room 340

What’s being discussed tomorrow?

Read the full report here:

On page 5-

“RECOMMENDATIONS: That the City Council approve the following actions:
1. Approve a plan for the expenditure of the City’s Measure R local return funds that includes:
c. An annual allocation of a ten percent set-aside for bicycle and pedestrian programs (five percent each) and direction to LADOT to prepare a pedestrian and bicycle project work plan for the expenditure of these funds;

….. ”

Some talking points, so you’re prepared for tomorrow’s meeting:

  • The future of sustainable transportation for our city relies on the implementation of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.
  • There are more and more people bicycling and walking.  Thus we need more dedicated funding streams for bicycle and pedestrian projects.
  • There are thousands of shovel-ready projects that rely on this dedicated funding to implement much-needed bike lanes and bike-friendly streets as outlined in the current and proposed Bike Plan.
  • In the report, the language states that there is a 5% for bicyclists and 5% for pedestrians.  We would like it changed back to 10% to allow more flexibility based on need.
  • Cities across the United States are incorporating bicyclists and pedestrians as transportation and LA needs to catch up and include them in the budget.
  • The dedicated set-aside shows that you, our political leaders, are committed to creating a more healthy and livable Los Angeles.

RSVP to if you plan to attend. We hope to mobilize a significant amount of people to this meeting.  It’s been a long campaign, but we’re on the tail end of it and we hope that you all come out to keep it the final push it needs to pass through FULL City Council after this meeting.

Action Item – Come to the Measure R Meeting

November 15, 2009 at 5:58 am | Posted in Bike News, Get Involved | 1 Comment

Please come out to next week’s Transportation Committee meeting at 2pm to continue to support 10% for bikes and peds so that it becomes officially approved! A strong showing at the meeting will make a big difference in getting 10% for bikes and peds!

10% for bikes and peds will directly affect the funding available for bike projects.

When: Wednesday, November 18, 2pm
Where: City Hall, 200 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, Ca 90012. Room 1010

At the October 14 LA City Council Transportation Committee meeting, we came one step closer to achieving 10% from Measure R local Return for Bikes/Peds. This will total to almost 11 million dollars for 5 years, which will be a significant increase for the City of Los Angeles.

This 10% is only in the draft document and still needs to be approved. The Transportation Committee will decide on the issue at the November 18th meeting.

Come to the Transportation Committee meeting and support 10% for bikes and peds in Measure R Local Return Funds!

Please RSVP if you plan to attend:

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