City of Lights Featured in National Bike Summit Streetfilms video!

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A grueling and exciting Bike Summit in DC last week it was! Summit activities included Urban Programs Coordinator Allison Mannos presenting on City of Lights at a “Broadening the Movement to Communities of Color” and LACBC Planning and Policy Director and City of Lights volunteer Dorothy Le and Allison lobbying federal representatives for bike friendly federal legislation, including Complete Streets and Urban Revitalization and Livable Communities.

The panel, which also included Jay Ferm, from Planet Bike as moderator, Alison Hill-Graves from Portland Community Cycling Center, and Anthony Taylor, of Major Taylor Cycling of Minnesota, was standing room only! Many groups around the nation were super interested and excited about trying to diversify their materials and programs and approached LACBC afterward. We are excited to plan potential future workshops that include urban cyclists’ needs and getting more women into cycling.  A warm thank you to Planet Bike for pushing this panel forward and sponsoring LACBC’s participation on the panel!

And if that wasn’t sweet enough, here’s the Streetfilms vid on the Summit with a brief interview on City of Lights by Allison.

Good Magazine and 4th Street Bike Blvd!

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"Practical Protest" Photo by Alex Kenefick.

Good Magazine has a blog entry this week about the campaign LACBC is working on to make 4th Street a true bicycle boulevard. Below is an excerpt, for the full story click here.

“More recently, bike activists have again tried to draw attention to 4th Street’s potential. The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition and Cyclists Inciting Change Thru Live Exchange (CICLE) came together last summer to form a committee to explore options for making 4th Street more bike-friendly. The impetus for this push came from LACBC’s Dorothy Le and CICLE’s Joe Linton. The group has discussed design concepts like sidewalk extensions, traffic roundabouts, and new crosswalks which would make the street safer for cyclists while beautifying the area with additional greenspace. At present these ideas are still rough concepts but the committee plans to begin outreach efforts to involve local stakeholders and push the development process forward. ”

If you’re interested in getting involved in realizing the 4th Street Bike Boulevard, sign up for the 4SBB campaign email list here.

ABC Reports on CicLAvia in LA

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KABC recently ran a story in their evening news about the possibility of Ciclovia coming to Los Angeles, which you can read here.

For those of you who don’t know, Ciclovia is a movement to help people enjoy the streets that are often filled with traffic by closing a few miles of street to cars. CicLAvia is a committee of LACBC that is committed to bringing Ciclovia to Los Angeles. You can read more about them and their press coverage on their blog.


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LACBC Planning and Policy Director Dorothy Le will be speaking on behalf of LACBC on “Which Way LA,” hosted by Warren Olney.


Dorothy will be speaking about:

  • Bicycle safety.
  • Cyclists rights and cyclist/motorist relations.
  • Anecdotal rise in number of cyclists in Los Angeles.
  • What’s in store for the future of cycling, what is Los Angeles and Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition doing to improve conditions for cyclists.

if you listen, please give Dorothy some feedback at

LACBC is on the radio again!

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A couple of weeks ago, LACBC’s Dorothy Le was on KPCC (again!), talking about the rising popularity of bicycling in Los Angeles:

Two Wheels are Better than Four: Gas Prices Get LA Biking

With gas prices approaching $5 per gallon, more and more people are taking a second look at two-wheel transport. Even a Toyota Prius hybrid can’t match a scooter for fuel efficiency, with some models approaching 100 mpg. And think of all the people spending money on gas to drive to a spinning class? The logic of biking around town is now taking over too. Are you downsizing from four wheels to two? And if not, what’s stopping you?

to listen, click here: dorothy on kpcc (again!)

LACBC on KPCC’s Patt Morrison!

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LACBC’s Dorothy Le was interviewed on KPCC’s Patt Morrison show today, May 19th at 2:00pm. She spoke about the importance of motorists and cyclists being aware of the potential danger of motorized vehicles making a right turn into cyclists.

Click on KPCC’s website to listen to the clip. LACBC’s part is toward the middle/end of the clip.

From KPCC’s website:

Picture This: Red Means Stop!

When motorists encounter traffic cameras at intersections throughout Los Angeles County they probably believe that the cameras are targeting blatant, reckless runners of red lights. That might have been the original intention of red light cameras but they are ensnaring violators of a different kind: drivers making rolling right turns on red lights. The L.A. Times found that in Los Angeles, officials estimate that 80% of red light camera tickets go not to those running through intersections but to drivers making rolling right turns. The right-turn violators drive tickets and revenue in L.A. and at least half a dozen others across the country that employ intersection cameras. Are safety concerns at stake when right turn drivers are targeted or there is a greater revenue motivation in play?

Youtube video featuring LACBC’s Dorothy

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LACBC’s Dorothy Le is explaining about her bike project, which works to empower more women to safely cycle around Los Angeles.

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