Glendale Safe & Healthy Streets Plan Awarded SCAG’s Compass Blueprint President’s Award

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Colin Bogart, Marc Stirdivant, and Mike Nilsson pose with SCAG's Compass Blueprint President's Award.

The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition and the City of Glendale were presented the Southern California Association of Governments 2012 Compass Blueprint top honor, the President’s Award, for the Safe & Healthy Streets Plan which the City of Glendale and LACBC completed in the Spring of 2011. The award was presented during SCAG’s Compass Blueprint Awards dinner on Wednesday, April 4, at the Bonaventure Hotel. LACBC’s Colin Bogart joined Glendale Council Member Frank Quintero and Safe & Healthy Streets co-authors Mike Nilsson and Marc Stirdivant to accept the honor.

The Compass Blueprint Awards are presented in recognition of projects that demonstrate excellence and achievement in the four key elements of Compass Blueprint planning: Livability, Mobility, Prosperity and Sustainability.

“We’re honored to be recognized and we’re proud of the Safe & Healthy Streets Plan,” says Colin Bogart. “Creating the plan was a unique and truly collaborative project that involved multiple city departments, community groups, and volunteers. We’re also grateful to the L.A. County Department of Public Health’s PLACE Program for funding the project in the first place.”

Glendale Safe & Healthy Streets Plan Approved!

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The Glendale City Council voted unanimously to adopt the Safe & Healthy Streets Plan during its regular meeting on Tuesday, April 19, 2011. “The Safe and Healthy Streets Plan is a comprehensive blueprint with solutions for making our roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists. The full implementation of this plan will help get people out of their cars and onto sidewalks and bikes, making Glendale a healthier, safer, more livable city,” says Mayor Laura Friedman, who has supported walking and biking in Glendale since her election to Council two years ago. All five Councilmembers were present and voted yes. Councilmembers Frank Quintero, Ara Najarian, and Rafi Manoukian all spoke positively about the pedestrian and bicycle improvements promoted by the Plan. We’d like to thank all the Councilmembers for their yes vote!

City staff and supporters after the Council meeting

We’d also like to thank Glendale City Staff members and all of the individuals and groups in the community who have supported the Safe & Healthy Streets project over the last two and a half years. We’d especially like to thank the people who attended the Council meeting, twelve of whom spoke, as well as those who sent letters to Council urging a yes vote for the Plan. Thank you!

You can watch the Glendale City Council meeting video by clicking here (fast forward to 41 minutes) and you can read coverage of the meeting and the Plan’s approval in the Glendale News-Press article here.

As indicated in Mayor Friedman’s comments, the next step for Safe & Healthy Streets is implementation of the Plan. To give you an idea of what this means for Glendale, a few of the policies and programs recommended for implementation in the first two years include:

  • Establish a Pedestrian and Bicyclist Advisory Committee
  • Establish City-organized rides and walks (CicLAvia anyone?)
  • Create a simple pocket-guide of bicycle and pedestrian laws for Glendale
  • Create bicycle and pedestrian maps for Glendale
  • Launch and maintain a City website with pedestrian and bicycle safety information, maps, and resources
  • Establish bicycle helmet and light distribution programs in lieu of issuing citations

You can review all of the policies in the Safe & Healthy Streets Plan as well as the implementation timeline in the Action Plan Chapter by clicking here.

– Colin Bogart

Two Glendale Commissions Vote to Support Safe & Healthy Streets Plan

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At a special joint meeting on Monday January 24, 2011, Glendale’s Transportation and Parking Commission (TPC) and Planning Commission (PC) voted unanimously to recommend that Glendale City Council adopt the Safe & Healthy Streets Plan. The Plan is a set of policies intended to support and encourage walking and biking in Glendale for years to come and is the result of a PLACE Grant funded collaboration of the LACBC and the City of Glendale. Video of the entire meeting is archived and can be viewed on the City of Glendale website here.

Commission Meeting in Glendale Council Chambers, Jan. 24 2011

The meeting, which lasted over two hours, included an overview presentation of the Safe & Healthy Streets Plan by LACBC PLACE Grant Coordinator Colin Bogart, a presentation about the proposed Riverdale-Maple Neighborhood Greenway by Glendale Public Works Engineering staff member Kevin Carter, supportive comments from Glendale residents and visitors, and comments and questions from the two Commissions. The purpose of the meeting was to collect comments from the two commissions and a motion recommending City Council adoption of the Plan. Support from the Commissions is considered a key element in the run-up to presenting the Safe & Healthy Streets Plan to City Council which is expected to take place in late February or early March.

Prior to the vote of support, the Commissioners engaged in a lengthy question and comment period. TPC member Maro Yacoubian requested that the Plan’s policies include all schools in Glendale, not just Glendale Unified School District schools. Yacoubian and other commissioners were also very interested and supportive of a proposed Pedestrian and Bicyclist Advisory Committee as well as a Pedestrian and Bicyclist Coordinator position for the City. Additional discussion included the Safe and Healthy Streets recommendations regarding a formal adoption of the Complete Streets Policy into the City’s Circulation Element as required by the California Complete Streets Act of 2008, establishing a bike co-op in Glendale, improved infrastructure for pedestrians and bicyclists, and the need for clear goals to help measure success.

A group of roughly 15 Glendale residents and visitors attended the meeting to show their support for the Plan and many of them spoke to the Commissions. Residents who couldn’t attend the meeting sent e-mails. This show of support impressed the Commissioners and certainly helped to ensure their vote in favor of the Plan. We’d like to thank all of the people who sent e-mails, who attended the meeting, and who spoke to the Commissions. We are grateful for the enthusiastic backing that we have received from the community.

The next commission to review the Safe & Healthy Streets Plan will be the Glendale Parks, Recreation and Community Services Commission on Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 2:00 pm in Council Chambers at Glendale City Hall. Once again we encourage anyone who lives, works, goes to school, or simply visits Glendale to attend the meeting. We will be asking the Parks Commission for their comments as well as their recommendation to City Council to adopt the Safe & Healthy Streets Plan. The agenda and details for this meeting will be posted at least a few days prior to February 10 on the City’s website here.

– Colin

Glendale Commissions to Review Safe & Healthy Streets Plan – Monday January 24, 6:00 pm

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LACBC has been working on a PLACE Grant funded project with the City of Glendale since the summer of 2008. The main focus of the project is to create a policy document that will support and encourage walking and biking in Glendale for years to come. We named the policy document the Safe & Healthy Streets Plan.

Following almost two years of community outreach, promotional events, and information gathering, the first two drafts of the plan were written and revised in the summer and early fall of 2010. The third draft of the Safe & Healthy Streets Plan was released on January 18, 2011 and will be presented to a joint meeting of the Glendale’s  Transportation & Parking Commission and Planning Commission on Monday, January 24, 2011 at 6:00 pm, Council Chambers, Glendale City Hall, 613 East Broadway. We’ll be asking the commissions for their comments on the Draft Plan and for their recommendation to Council for adoption of the Plan.

History Walk participants cross Brand to the Alex Theatre in Glendale. Organized walks are part of recommended Encouragement programs in the Safe & Healthy Streets Plan.

We encourage Glendale residents and those who work, go to school, or visit Glendale to attend this meeting if you can. Public comment is welcome and encouraged. This meeting is very important as a run-up to a presentation to Council in the near future. Glendale’s local newspaper, the Glendale News-Press published an article about the Commisson meeting and the Safe & Healthy Streets Plan which you can read here.

The revised version of the Draft Safe & Healthy Streets Plan incorporats feedback from the community and Glendale City Staff from October 2010 to January 2011. You can download and save a copy of the revised Draft Plan by clicking on the link below.

You can download the Third Draft of the Safe & Healthy Streets Plan (released Jan. 18, 2011) by clicking here.

– Colin

LACBC and Regional Groups Meet

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Recently LACBC hosted the first of many Regional meetings, which included representatives from South Bay Bicycle Coalition (Todd Dipaola), San Gabriel Valley Bicycle Coalition (Vincent Chang and Joseph Leon), Santa Monica Spoke (Cynthia Rose and Bryan Beretta), UCLA Bicycle Coalition (Herbie Huff), Glendale (Colin Bogart), and West Hollywood (Kevin Burton).

Some of the purposes of meeting was to bring together various regional groups associated with LACBC  to share ideas, resources, and understand how each group could help each other symbiotically grow the bicycle community.

While each group is in a different level of development,  we discussed some common goals and philosophies- that bicycle facilities and infrastructure are very important and a priority, that we need to help grow the bicycle community and reach out to would-be and everyday cyclists, and that we need to work to educate police departments, motorists and bicyclists on bicycle safety and laws.

Some next steps arising from the meeting:

  • A meeting is set for around July 28th, at LACBC Headquarters, 634 S. Spring Street LA 90014
  • A google group is being created for interested folks to participate in regional issues
  • Websites for each various group will be linked to each other

So if you are involved in your local region in LA County, or you just want to learn more,  please e-mail  Also look out for a notice about the next meeting in July!

we are a silly group also!

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