L.A. County Bicycle Coalition Spins Off Another Successful Bike Project

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City of Lights volunteers pose at the Spanish bike safety PSA/CicLAvia press conference in April.

After over 3 years as a successful and award-winning LACBC program addressing the needs of low-income cyclists in Los Angeles, City of Lights has branched out to form its own organization called Multicultural Communities for Mobility. Much like CicLAvia started as a sub-committee of LACBC to become the strong and successful non-profit it is today, MCM will become its own non-profit organization to expand its reach beyond cycling to cover transit and pedestrian issues in low-income communities of color.  Below is the City of Lights press release:

L.A. County Bicycle Coalition spins off another successful bike project

Originally formed as a volunteer committee to provide bike lights and safe cycling information to Spanish-speaking immigrant cyclists, City of Lights has grown to be a nationally recognized, award-winning community outreach program serving L.A.’s Latino and low-income population. Yet while the LACBC takes great pride in its success, the Coalition recognizes that it’s time for City of Lights to stand on its own as a separate organization as the program moves beyond basic bicycling issues.

According to Jennifer Klausner, Executive Director of the LACBC. “We’re very proud of City of Lights’ development at LACBC and we look forward to working with them on cycling issues facing all Angelenos. They’re ready to expand beyond our core audience of bike riders so it’s the right time for them strike out on their own. We wish them the best and we’re here to help however we can.”

City of Lights will maintain its focus on advocacy work for low-income cyclists, as well as expanding to address broader transportation issues for communities of color. “There are low-income people in Los Angeles that depend on bicycles and non-motorized transportation for their livelihoods, and we’re excited to grow our work in empowering these communities to be safer,” said committee member Allison Mannos.

Mannos, who later became an LACBC staff member until 2011, was an intern with the Coalition when she helped found the City of Lights program under the umbrella of the Coalition and worked with other staff members and volunteers to help build its success.

The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition will continue its work on behalf of bicyclists throughout Los Angeles County, as well supporting community efforts to provide bicycle safety and advocacy programs in low-income and minority communities.

Just a few years ago, CicLAvia began as a committee within the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. Today, it operates as a separate and highly successful non-profit organization, encouraging the people of Los Angeles to celebrate the streets of their city as one of the largest bike and pedestrian events in the U.S.

Founded in 1998, Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) works to build a better, more bike-able Los Angeles County. LACBC is the only nonprofit, membership-based organization working exclusively for the millions of bicyclists in Los Angeles County. Through advocacy, education and outreach, Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition brings together the diverse bicycling community in a united mission to make the entire L.A. region a safe and enjoyable place to ride.

We would like to thank and congratulate all of the volunteers that make City of Lights/MCM what it is, especially founders Allison Mannos, Adonia Lugo, and Andy Rodriguez. We wish City of Lights/MCM the best of luck in continuing to provide communities of color with resources to fulfill their transportation needs, and we look forward to continue working with City of Lights/MCM to create a more inclusive bike movement.

MCM will also be having its first fundraiser this month, and we encourage you all to enjoy good company, dancing, food, and more, all while supporting a good cause!

Multicultural Communities for Mobility Friendraiser & Social

When: Friday, August 10; 7 PM

Where: 546 N. Commonwealth Ave., Los Angeles, 90004

See Facebook event.

You can also find the MCM Facebook page to keep up with happenings.

“Tu Familia” Bike Safety PSA Makes Its Debut

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These “Tu Familia” posters, designed by Aaron Kuehn with input from LACBC’s City of Lights volunteers, LADOT, and R.E.I., remind motorists to watch out for their family.

In the spirit of our “Give Me 3” poster campaign, LACBC’s City of Lights program,–in conjunction with the LA Department of Transportation (LADOT) and REI– have debuted L.A.’s first-ever Spanish-language bike safety campaign! Perhaps you’ve already seen some of the posters around town, as they are appearing on bus shelters throughout Los Angeles.

Designed by local artist and LACBC volunteer Aaron Kuehn (you’ll recognize his work if you’ve ever seen his bicycle typogram in the LACBC resource guide) with the guidance of day laborers and City of Lights volunteers over several months, the PSA uses colorful reds, blues, and yellows to really make the message pop out to motorists. It reads, “PRECAUCIÓN: Tu familia tam­bién usa la bicicleta,” which translates to, “CAUTION: Your family also rides bicycles.” The PSA reminds everyone that people who ride bikes are your family, sometimes literally and sometimes figuratively. Family comes first, and your actions can put your family in danger.

Accompanying this poster is a video PSA, directed by Jordan Melograna. The short video depicts a man saying goodbye to his family and then recklessly driving around L.A., nearly hitting several people who are riding bikes. He doesn’t seem to notice how he’s putting each of these people’s lives in danger until he carelessly opens his parked car’s door out in front of a bicyclist who fortunately brakes in time. This bicyclist happens to be his own daughter.

This project brought together day laborer cyclists from CARECEN and IDEPSCA, LACBC staff, volunteers, LADOT, and REI to create a Spanish-language PSA campaign that not only speaks to a large demographic of LA city stakeholders–48% of our city is Latino–but the message was developed by the Latino day laborer cyclists themselves. You can read more about the process from the beginning to the middle.

Mayor Villaraigosa talks about the Spanish-language bike safety PSA and CicLAvia in MacArthur Park.

The poster was unveiled at yesterday’s CicLAvia and Spanish-Language Bike Safety PSA Press Conference in MacArthur Park with City of Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa and Councilmembers Huizar, Reyes, and LaBonge.

You can view photos on our Facebook page and learn more about the making of the print PSA by watching this behind the scenes video, also directed by Melograna.

Thank you to everyone who made this collaborative project possible: Elwyn Aguilar, Leo Espinosa, Guillermo “Capitan,” Rafael Guerrero, Andy Rodriguez, Allison Mannos, Miguel Ramos, Jason Ellis, Raquel, Greg, Andy S., Aaron Kuehn for his design, Jordan Melograna for directing and editing the video, Michelle Mowery and Nate Baird from LADOT, and Pete Novahom, Myrian Solis, and Daniella Escobar from REI. Additional thanks to those who worked on the video PSA: Colin Whitman, Jennifer Wright, Ryan Bosc, Kathy Peltier, Desiree Morales, Carlos Vasquez, Randy Bloise, Diane Kryszewski, Alex Cason, Rachel Hudson, Brad Ernske, Matt Grace, Saumin Pathak, Carlos Vargas, Irving Anguiano, Marcelo Quinonez, David Fordham, Raelin Martinez, Carlos Moreno, Jr., Adriana Fricke, Aislinn Glennon, Jahnny Lee , and JJ Hoffman.

And be on the lookout for these posters. You can download a PDF on Aaron Kuehn’s website.

2nd Annual City of Lights Awards Dinner Honors Luminaries, Brings on the Fun

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LACBC staff and City of Lights volunteers present CoL co-founder Allison Mannos with a new wheel with a light. Photo: Jonathan Yee, WYTe Studios

Last night, over 100 people gathered at La Fonda Supper Club for the 2nd Annual City of Lights Dinner and Benefit Concert! Together, we celebrated the nationally recognized City of Lights program that works to outreach to low-income, mostly Latino people who ride bikes.

Emceed by actress Miriam Isa, we celebrated the work of the City of Lights program, the people making CoL possible, and those working to improve the lives of the local Latino community. Lisa Waring of event sponsor GEK Law addressed the crowd. Last year’s City of Lights dinner honoree Councilmember Ed Reyes, welcomed the audience in the pre-taped video and lauded the City of Lights program for their work advocating for the 7th Street Bike Lane. We then honored Laura Torres, a native of Boyle Heights, with the Streetlight Award for her on-the-street efforts organizing DREAM Riders’ rides. Next up, we honored East Hollywood native Hector Tobar, a writer and columnist for the LA Times with the Shining Light Award for shining a light on the struggles of Latino immigrants. Mr. Tobar also provided a signed copy of his new book The Barbarian Nurseries for the live auction. Other live auction items included artwork, bikes from REI and Tern Bicycles, and a one-of-a-kind pine cone chandelier.

Hector Tobar is presented with the Shining Light Award. Photo: Andrew Wong, WYTe Studios

We heard from day laborer and one of the stars of our 7th Street Bike Lane video Jose on his experiences with the City of Lights program. Mayor Villaraigosa then addressed the crowd by video as he accepted the Leading Light award for being a leader in local bike advocacy. The LACBC staff and City of Lights volunteers then presented CoL co-founder and former LACBC employee Allison Mannos with a wheel with a built-in generator hub and light to for the work she’s done at LACBC and with CoL.

We ended the night by picking up goodies from the silent auction, mingling, and dancing the night away to the music of the mariachi group Trio Ellas.

Special thanks to our sponsors: BioLogic and Tern Bicycles; GEK Law; Kim and Lester Mannos; Lourdes Lopez, Locke and Lord Law Firm; Councilmember Ed P. Reyes; El Maestro Bicycle Shop; Cinco Puntos; Abel Valenzuela; Jay Slater; Clemente Gomez; and Hector Rodriguez.

Attendees get their party on! Photo: Andrew Wong, WYTe Studios

Thank you also to our in-kind donors who made both the live and silent auctions possible: Mia Nakano, Steve Boyd, Aaron Kuehn, Harpal Sodhi, Lalo Alcaraz, Kristen Erickson, Gustavo Muniz, Ken Haber, Tim Smith, Rome Gee, Center Theatre Group, Laemmle Theatres, Orange 20 Bicycles, Ernesto Vasquez, Scoops Ice Cream Shop, Lourdes Lopez, Kelly Martin, the Bicycle Kitchen, Steve Mattson, Allen Bleyle, Brenda Yancor, Silver Lake Wine, REI, Michelle Quinones-Chino, the Ortheum Theatre, Big 5 Sport Goods, the BiciDignarios, Louise Marler, Kelly Cruz, Eric Almanza, Colin Bogart, Raquel Trinidad, and Margie Mannos.

Thank you to all who attended; the volunteers and City of Lights committee who put this together; the honorees; our emcee Miriam Isa; La Fonda Supper club; WYTe Studios photography; and all of City of Lights’ supporters. We’ll see you next year!

Read more about the night in Spanish in El Pasajero! See photos from the event on our Facebook Fan Page.

Welcome Andy Rodriguez, LACBC’s Newest Staff Member

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Meet Andy Rodriguez, our new Bilingual Bicycle Safety Coordinator!

Andy emcees the City of Lights Dinner in 2010. Photo Credit: George Rodriguez

Whatever your stereotype of bike activists may be, think again. Andy Rodriguez’s story shows a kind of biker, and bike activist, that often goes invisible behind the widespread image of bikers as airbrushed, affluent athletes in Spandex. Andy, along with Allison Mannos, is one of the co-founders of City of Lights, the nationally recognized program that gives safety and maintenance lessons and distributes safety equipment like lights and safety vests to working class, mostly Latino cyclists in various sites around Los Angeles.

A volunteer for many years with LACBC and City of Lights, Andy is now the Bilingual Bicycle Safety Coordinator. Andy’s position has been made possible through a generous Capacity Building Grant from the Alliance for Biking and Walking. Thank you, Alliance! The grant was awarded to extend CoL’s programming to more low-income areas, create an outreach team, and develop Spanish print and video PSAs. Follow along with Andy’s story by listening to the clips (Tracks 1, 2, and 3) at the bottom of this post.

Andy grew up mostly in the Westlake/Historic Filipinotown part of Los Angeles, where he would ride his bike with the neighborhood kids often. Bikes, for Andy, weren’t an “alternative” means of transportation; they were the primary means of transportation (Track 1).

Andy got involved in organizing City of Lights when Allison Mannos, who had been attending Los Angeles City College with him at the time, invited him to join her in bringing the program to life about three years ago. He was a perfect fit for the project, having grown up in the world of working class Latino bike riders. He comes to bike activism through his passion for helping people like him and like the kids he grew up with. Here he talks about his first bike group, which sounds like a lot of fun (Track 2).

Andy with a young cyclist while doing outreach along 7th Street.

City of Lights fills an urgent need in bike activism around the country. There are very few programs for working class bicyclists, even though, as Andy points out, accidents can be even more devastating for them than they are for other people. Most don’t have health insurance, and many are undocumented immigrants, who fear being deported if they report accidents or go to the hospital (Track 3).

City of Lights started as a small program, with one workshop and then another. With a dedicated Bilingual Bicycle Safety Coordinator, CoL keeps growing. Its next step is to reach out to people in other neighborhoods, kids at high schools, moms and other community members.

Andy graduated from UCLA this past spring with a degree in Sociology and became part of the LACBC staff in September. In his one month with us, he has already been busy mobilizing people, organizing workshops, and preparing for the 2nd Annual City of Lights Awards Dinner on October 26th. Welcome to the staff, Andy!

Many thanks to LACBC volunteers Nina Eliasoph and Matt Theisen for help with this piece.

Spanish PSA Update!

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This week, we met with the day laborers of  BiciDigna and LADOT to get their two votes on the winning design for the Spanish PSA. Several updates to the final contestants over the past weeks induced nail biting drama…Special thanks to all volunteers involved, Rafa, Guillermo/”Capitan”, Miguel, Jason, Andy S., Andy R., Greg, Raquel, Gustavo, and Aaron.

Team # 1: BiciDignarios and City of Lights volunteers

Team #2: LADOT Bikeways

The winning community created slogan is “Precaución: Tu Familia También Usa la Bicicleta”. It’s a wonderful, positive slogan that encourages people of all ages to ride, is culturally appropriate, and humanizing. And the design? It’s amazing talent from one of our LACBC volunteers, and you’ll see that soon enough!

Stay tuned for the Spanish PSA press conference slated for sometime in October, we’ll be celebrating with the Mayor!

Fans of “Give Me 3″: LACBC Leading on LA’s 1st Spanish-Language Bike PSA Bus Shelter Ad

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City of Lights Spanish PSA mtg. with BiciDignarios discussing and selecting messages

City of Lights/LACBC, in proud partnership with LADOT and REI, recently kicked off some brainstorm meetings with some BiciDignarios and day laborers we work with to create Los Angeles’ first ever Spanish-language bike PSA bus shelter ad.

Many of you may be familiar with the Give Me 3 bus shelter public awareness campaign LACBC and Midnight Ridazz spearheaded in 2010 with LADOT. To much fanfare, they debuted throughout thousands of bus shelters in the County and led to the Mayor and California Bicycle Coalition‘s campaign to get a Statewide 3-foot passing law.

Give Me 3 Press Conference in 2010 with Mayor Villaraigosa

Give Me 3 poster by City Hall, courtesy of LADOT

Now, LACBC is collaborating again, this time with REI’s Spanish language Community Relations Department Staff and LADOT to educate the public about cyclists’ rights again, en español! The process has been entirely led by Spanish speaking cyclists from the CARECEN and IDEPSCA day labor centers. Via popular education methods, City of Lights has facilitated the creative brainstorming process, turning the City’s public education opportunity into a cutting edge, culturally relevant, bottom up awareness ad, by and for Latina/o communities.

Rafa leads discussion at PSA meeting

At several different meetings, BiciDignarios and other cyclists convened to brainstorm themes and slogans addressing both cyclists and motorists on issues most important to them. This ranged from sharing the road, cyclist and motorist awareness, environmental, and safety messaging. They then refined 30 messages to be catchier and shorter, finally selecting the top 5 at yesterday’s meeting.

More updates to come as we wait for graphic designs and the final(!) vote by the BiciDignarios on the winning design. The final design is expected to get printed by the City and put up in 10,000 bus shelters Countywide.

City of Lights PSA Team

LACBC’s City of Lights Program Honored with National Best Practices Award

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Last night, LACBC’s City of Lights program was honored with the Best Practices Award from the Alliance for Biking and Walking at the 2011 Advocacy Awards Reception in Washington D.C. Our own Alexis Lantz and Marissa Christiansen are in our nation’s capital for the National Bike Summit this week and were on-hand to accept the award on LACBC’s behalf and live-tweet the news.

¡Felicitaciones, Ciudad de Luces!

You can read more about the Alliance for Biking and Walking’s description of the Best Practices Award below:

The Best Practices Award goes to an organization that serves as a model for other bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations. In 2010, countless individuals and a number of advocacy organizations drew information and inspiration from the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. The LACBC’s City of Lights initiative elevated the conversation about “invisible cyclists” – men and women who ride bicycles but whose voices aren’t heard and needs aren’t acknowledged because of language or economic barriers. Through thoughtful outreach and, more importantly, true collaboration, the LACBC is changing the dialogue among city officials about urban planning, bringing new cyclists into the movement and, expanding the scope of the bike-ped movement to address critical issues of social and economic justice.

Congratulations to all of the other 2011 Advocacy Award Winners: Bike Pittsburgh (Advocacy Organization of the Year), Jackie Douglas of Livable Streets – Boston (Advocate of the Year), New Belgium Brewing Company (Business Advocate of the Year), Michigan Complete Streets (Winning Campaign of the Year), Stephanie Routh of Willamette Pedestrian Coalition (Susie Stephens Joyful Enthusiasm Award), and Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling (Innovation Award).

Marissa Christiansen & Alexis Lantz of LACBC accept the Best Practices Award for City of Lights on LACBC's behalf at last night's Alliance 2011 Advocacy Awards Reception. Photo: Alliance for Biking & Walking - Flickr

Thank you to the Alliance for Biking and Walking for recognizing our work. And thank you to all the City of Lights volunteers, participants, supporters, and sponsors for making this program happen!

LACBC 2010 Accomplishments

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2010 has been a very good year for LACBC and the bicycling community. We have continued to increase our staff, grown our email list, increased our membership numbers by 10% and have also enjoyed multiple campaign successes. Our regional reach has expanded to include cities such as Culver City, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, South Bay, and Long Beach, and we continue to become more active with low-income immigrant communities. New bicycle advocacy chapters, such as South Bay Bicycle Coalition and Culver City Bicycle Coalition, were created in partnership with LACBC while already existing groups like Santa Monica Spoke and UCLA Bicycle Coalition have only grown stronger.Through grants and fees for service, we’ve had a an increase in Bike Valet gigs and a win of 2 major grants from the County Department of Health (a third in which we’re a partner on) and the David Bohnett Foundation.

Some of our 2010 Campaign accomplishments include the striping of the 1st Sharrows in Los Angeles. After 6 years of relentless delays, LACBC was able to celebrate the striping of Sharrows on 6 streets throughout the City of Los Angeles. Sharrows have also been added to the LA City Bike Plan as an additional bikeway marking to be implemented on Class III Bike Routes.

Throughout the year, LACBC has met with key City Councilmembers, Mayoral staff, LADOT, the City Planning Department and other advocates to address cyclists’ concerns, build political support, and gain commitments for a stronger L.A. City Bike Plan. We continued our efforts started in 2009 with the Better Bike Plan Campaign to reach out beyond the cyclist community to gain backing from public health organizations, environmental groups, chamber of commerce, community organizations, and neighborhood councils. After two years of work, the City of Los Angeles’ Department of City Planning released the final draft of the 2010 LA Bike Plan in December and through the collaborative efforts of LACBC, Bikeside, Joe Linton and City Planning we have been able to gain the approval from the Planning Commission on a Plan that we can all support.

Measure R 10% for Bike/Ped After nearly two years of petitioning the Metro Board, Mayor Villaraigosa and City Council, LACBC helped secure a full 10% of Measure R Local Return funds for bicycle and pedestrian projects for the 2011 fiscal year. On April 28th, 2010, the final votes were cast and cheers rang out through the chamber as bicyclists and pedestrians emerged victorious with an 11-3 yes vote. This is a groundbreaking change for LADOT and an exciting opportunity for our city to shift towards more sustainable, healthy and safe transportation by providing a continuous source of revenue to do so.

The Give Me 3 Poster Campaign, part of a larger Bicycle Safety and Awareness Campaign was the 1st official on-street awareness poster campaign in Los Angeles. It was conducted in collaboration with Midnight Ridazz, and the The City of LA. This poster campaign also launched the Mayor’s 3-foot Passing Law initiative at the legislative level.

LACBC has been working on the 4th Street Bike Boulevard campaign for over a year, continuing the work that members of the bike community have been doing for years. We’ve gained support from several neighborhood councils and business improvement districts, local individuals, and L.A. Councilmember Tom LaBonge of CD4. 4th Street is also currently at the top of LADOT’s priorities for building “bicycle-friendly streets,” a new term developed in the draft update to the City of L.A.’s Bike Master Plan and has already received Sharrows on the entire length of 4th Street, bringing it that much closer to becoming the 1st Bicycle Boulevard in Los Angeles.

The Anti-Harassment Ordinance was approved by City Council to draft an ordinance providing for attorney’s fees and a $1000 award or damages, whichever is higher. LACBC, with the help of other local bicycle advocates provided recommendations and helped to push this forward in Transportation committee

City of Lights, our unique program that outreaches to Latino cyclists, held its first Annual Awards Dinner. We raised money to support our Spanish language safety education and repair classes and our BiciDigna program, a bike repair co-op space at a day laborer center that started in January 2010. Recently, the day laborers who attended mechanic classes were honored at a certification ceremony. Our 1.5 year long battle to get more bike parking in Pico-Union also yielded fruit: 43 new racks hit the ground in Fall 2010.

CicLAvia was incubated through the LACBC and inspired by the famous street closures in Bogotá, Colombia. Various LACBC volunteers, staff and other environmental organizations came together for the purpose of promoting and planning livable, car-free streets. LACBC helped to foster this concept and together, with the entire bicycling community, were able to enjoy the 1st of what we hope to be many more CicLAvias in Los Angeles.

LACBC celebrated its 10th Annual River Ride this year. It proved to have the highest attendance to date. We had over 2000 riders participate in our Tenth Anniversary Ride offering five distance/route options, the longest of which spanned the length of Griffith Park near Glendale to Seal Beach.

LACBC coordinated 3 Ed Magos Justice Rides which were instrumental in creating the media attention needed to bring the issue of hit-and-runs to the attention of LAPD Chief Beck, LA City Counil and the City Attorney’s Office. The Ed Magos case will serve as an example of how future hit-an-runs should be treated with fair and just process.

The Bike Wrangler program was created this summer and is supported by a grant from the L.A. County Department of Health. The Bike Wrangle program is an initiative created by the County Cycling Collaborative (CCC) which includes LACBC, the Bicycle Kitchen, the Bikerowave, the Bike Oven, the Valley Bikery and C.I.C.L.E. The Bike Wrangler works to recover abandoned bicycles and redistribute them to underserved communities. The LACBC will work with C.I.C.L.E. to distribute recovered bicycles at its community riding workshops which will be funded under the same grant. A warehouse / workshop space is currently being established at 1205 West 6th Street (@ Lucas Ave.).

LACBC Streetside Outreach Pitstops just started this Fall with the goal of reaching out directly to bicycle commuters and recreational riders alike. We provided sustenance (Bicycle Bread, cookies and brownies) and basic bike services (air, chain lube) and in return, we got enthusiastic sign ups for the e-newsletter and members. In a couple of hours on a good street intersection, we’ve managed to create a stir with the food and get over 50 email addresses for LACBC.

LACBC created the 1st Spanish Bicycle Resource Guides and completed the update of the new English Resource Guide. Over 600 Spanish Guides have been distributed and English Guides are available at Skylight books and soon to be available at REI stores.

In the past year, the Glendale Safe & Healthy Streets initiative has been a part of numerous successes. A city-wide bicyclist and pedestrian count was conducted, Sharrows were painted on five streets in Glendale (with more to come), the city and the LACBC stepped up Bike Month in May and received an official Bike Month Proclamation from the Mayor. The Riverdale/Maple Neighborhood Greenway has been improved by installing curb extensions and planting nearly 100 new trees along the entire corridor and bike racks were installed outside Glendale City Hall – the result of our advocacy and site recommendations. Additionally, we led site visits to Long Beach and Berkeley that were attended by Glendale City Staff, Commissioners, and elected officials. In September we introduced the Public Draft of the Safe & Healthy Streets Plan, a set of policy recommendations aimed at supporting and encouraging walking and biking in Glendale for years to come. This is the primary goal of our Glendale project and we’re working towards adoption of the Plan in 2011.

The South Bay Regional Bicycle Master Plan was funded by Los Angeles County Department of Health’s RENEW grant Initiative in 2010 to facilitate more cycling and bike infrastructure in seven different cities within the South Bay region. LACBC has been brought on to coordinate the efforts between the 7 cities and with Alta Planning.

LACBC would like to thank everyone – members, volunteers, city staff and political leaders for all the support in helping to move LA towards a more bike-able future.

City of Lights to Celebrate Bike Parking Rack Installation Increase in Pico-Union Thursday

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Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition
Contact:  Allison Mannos
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Office line: 213-629-2142


Bike Parking Racks Installed at CARECEN Day Labor Center

LOS ANGELES, CA. October 14, 2010 –Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition’s (LACBC) City of Lights program will be celebrating the installation of various bike parking racks in the Pico-Union neighborhood, including 2 at a key site, the CARECEN day labor center. About 50-100 Spanish speaking cyclists use the center daily to find work.

There has long been a gap in bicycle infrastructure and safe streets for low-income immigrant cyclists. The LACBC addressed this need by creating the City of Lights program in early 2009. The volunteer-driven program empowers Latino immigrant cyclists through community building, bicycle advocacy, and education, including a bicycle parking rack campaign in 2009 that generated 40 sites for rack installation. Recently 600+ educational Spanish bike resource guides were distributed and a successful bike ride was held.

“Advocating for bicycle infrastructure in all areas of the County, not just affluent areas, is the key to making Los Angeles safer and welcoming for all cyclists,” said Jennifer Klausner, Executive Director, LACBC. “Through City of Lights, we are able to create more secure places for Latino immigrant cyclists to lock up their bikes in their neighborhoods.”

“The safety of our bicyclists, especially in my district, is just as important as that of our drivers and pedestrians. We need to do everything we can to ensure their safety,” said First District Councilmember Ed P. Reyes, who has spearheaded legislation to make Los Angeles a more bike-friendly city.

“LADOT is proud to partner with LACBC, CARECEN, and Councilmember Reyes in providing adequate bicycle parking opportunities to some of the Angelinos who are most in need,” said Rita L. Robinson, LADOT General Manager.

About Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition
Founded in 1998, Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) works to build a better, more bike-able Los Angeles County. LACBC is the only nonprofit, membership-supported organization working exclusively for the millions of bicyclists in Los Angeles County. Through advocacy, education, and outreach, Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition brings together the diverse bicycling community in a united mission to make the entire L.A. region a safe and enjoyable place to ride.

# # #

City of Lights Bike Parking Rack Campaign Update!

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As some of you may recall, City of Lights started a campaign back in Summer 2009 to get the Pico-Union, MacArthur Park, and Rampart Village neighborhoods surrounding the CARECEN Day Labor Center saturated with much needed bike parking racks. Many places that the cyclists we worked with, such as markets, consulates, and social service offices lacked the U-shaped bike parking racks that would allow them to lock up and feel safe and welcome.

CARECEN Day Labor Center Where Some of the New Racks Will be Installed in October


This resulted in City of Lights and community volunteers obtaining the proper specifications for rack placement from LADOT with the help of Councilman Reyes’ Office and measuring key community sites. For a complete list of our requests, click here.

After submitting 35-40 requests to LADOT in January 2010, we waited for months in limbo while LADOT lost a key Bikeways staff member and the City of Los Angeles’ General Services, entangled in a deep malaise of bureaucracy, failed to quickly renew the bike parking installation contractor.

As of September 2010, we now have new Bikeways staff who are chipper and helpful, a renewed contract, and some day laborer cyclists who are about to be pleasantly surprised when the racks hit their neighborhood.  Stay tuned for our bike parking press event at the CARECEN Center coming out in October!


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