Koreatown 7th St. Bike Lane Press Conference Success!

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As we mentioned in our press release, LACBC held a press conference in Koreatown yesterday in tandem with Koreatown Immigrant Workers’ Alliance (KIWA) and Korean Resource Center (KRC) on the corner of Catalina and 7th.

Despite the gloom in the sky, there was a lot of excitement building up for the “first bike lane in Koreatown” as we set up for our press conference. Several members of the Korean media including Korea Daily, the Korea Times, LA18, and KBS came out to our press conference and learn more about the 7th Street Bike Lane.

The owner of Catalina Bike and Hardware on 3rd/Catalina came out to speak about the economical benefits of the bike lane and a youth cyclist came to share his love for bike riding and his hope for safer bike rides with the addition of the bike lane. All our speakers were engaging and spoke with vigor about the benefits of the upcoming bike lane for their neighborhood.

The turn-out was amazing, and we really appreciate all the members of the community and bicycle advocates that came to support us today, with a special thanks to Yongho Kim at KRC and Eileen and Jang Woo at KIWA. It seems that everyone is just as excited as us about the 7th Street Bike Lane campaign and, most importantly, we hope that the Korean speaking community will be more aware of the campaign as well.

Keep connected on our website to follow our progress with 7th Street! Thanks for all your support!

LACBC to Hold Press Conference for Korean Community on 7th Street Bike Lane — Thursday June 16th @ 2 pm

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* Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition
634 S Spring St #821
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 629-2142 | www.la-bike.org

LOS ANGELES, California – Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC), in tandem with Koreatown Immigrant Workers’ Alliance (KIWA) and Korean Resource Center (KRC) will hold a press conference on June 16th to discuss the upcoming implementation of the 7th Street Bike Lane the first bike lane to be implemented from the greater City of Los Angeles Bike Plan.

“We are really excited about the 7th Street bike lane project. It’ll help us share the road with bicycle riders and make the streets and sidewalks safer for everybody in Koreatown—especially children and families who rely on bikes to get around. It will also encourage bike use to help our environment and make our neighborhood cleaner for the future,” said Jang Woo Nam, KIWA organizer.

“We think this bike lane, which LACBC has advocated for two years to bring to Koreatown, will meaningfully boost the many Korean owned businesses along the corridor,” said Jennifer Klausner, LACBC Executive Director.

To obtain more information, journalists may reach Allison Mannos at (213) 629-2142 or allison@la-bike.org. Journalists may also visit the project website at http://la-bike.org/projects/7th-street-bike-lane for more information.

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7th Street Bike Lane Project Press Conference

Date: Thursday, June 16, 2011

Time: 2:00 PM

Place: Corner of Catalina and 7th Street in Los Angeles (Catalina Street, western sidewalk–on the side of the school

7th St. Outreach in Action! Updates!

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What does it take to raise our child (in this case, the bike lane)? A village!

Current car packed intersection of 7th/Vermont

LACBC has been pushing an  innovative community outreach strategy to get the word out about 7th St., in tandem with our amazing community partners, CARECEN, Central City Neighborhood Partners (CCNP), Urban Semillas, LACBC volunteers, and Councilman Reyes’ Office. Thanks also to volunteers Rob, Colleen, Saray, Molly, Jose, Shelma, Jalen, and Sun Young! So far we’ve done outreach at diverse events, such as CicLAvia, Tamal de la Paz Festival, safety workshops at CCNP and CARECEN by City of Lights. Thanks to the promotoras and jornaleros of CCNP and CARECEN respectively for all of your business outreach along the entire corridor! LACBC’s goal is to empower local residents to help with intensive outreach, rather than solely LACBC volunteers.

Check out some pictures from the outreach in a slideshow here: 

Help us volunteer or catch us at future events: Bike to Work (i.e., Thanks for Biking to Work Everyday!) pitstop May19th, at 7th/Alvarado, a bike ride to explore 7th St. pre-bike lane with the community on May 22nd, a promo video (coming soon!) with 3 cyclists profiled, multi-lingual translated fliers, a page on the new LACBC site (to be coming within the next week!).

We are also happy to let you know that LACBC intends not only to do high-quality, fun, interactive outreach right now, but also monitor the corridor to see how successful the bike lane is! We will be conducting business surveys and looking at collision data to make sure the bike lane improves safety and access for both cyclists and businesses in the Westlake-Koreatown area.

-allison (at) la-bike (dot) org

7th St. Bike Lane Fliers and Promo Video To Come Soon!

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We are so excited to share with you all the new fliers we have on the 7th St. campaign (please spread far and wide!) in English, Spanish and Korean. Click on the flier graphics below for downloads of the PDF flier.

Other exciting news! We will be producing a short promo video of the 7th St. Bike Lane campaign-stay tuned in the next week or two for the video, which will be multi-lingual, and reflect the diversity of cyclists who already use 7th St. to get around.

7th St. Bike Lane flier LACBC English Flier

LACBC 7th St. Bike Lane Flier-Korean

Calle 7_Via Ciclista_LACBC_Español

See You All at CicLAvia 04.10.11!

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At the last CicLAvia on 10.10.10, LA's streets filled with smiling faces. We're ready for Round 2!

This Sunday April 10th, from 10 AM to 3 PM, LA’s streets are open for walking, bicycling, skating, playing, and more for CicLAvia! Please follow these helpful links that the CicLAvia organizers have put together for more details:

As a proud partner of CicLAvia, all of us at LACBC hope to see you out there! Ride the streets stress-free, explore Los Angeles like you’ve never done before, bring along your friends that haven’t biked in years. If this CicLAvia is anything like the last one, it will be one our most favorite days of the year!

LACBC will be all over the 7.5-mile route, but you can find us at our bike valet in Little Tokyo, at our 7th Street Bike Lane Campaign pit stop in MacArthur Park, and at another pit stop at the Bicycle District start/end point in East Hollywood. Say hello, learn more about current projects, sign up for membership, register for the LA River Ride, etc. You can also follow us on Twitter for a few updates during the day.

We hope to see you all on Sunday!

7th St. Bike Lane Campaign Updates

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For those waiting for the juicy details on what’s happening with the 7th St. bike lane campaign…

Volunteer provided Simulation of how 7th St. will look after receiving the bike lane and road diet this fall

Community groups met yesterday for the first time to plan out the City’s first truly interactive community outreach process for the City’s first bike lane being striped from the Bike Plan. Attendees included: Iris Santin of LAPD, CARECEN folks, Central City Neighborhood Partners (CCNP), Urban Semillas, Parks and Rec, CD1 staff, and City of Lights. Other partners include the Labor Center, NDLON, KIWA, and Accion Westlake. We had a very exciting meeting in which we brainstormed what each of the community groups will be doing to engage community residents, businesses, youth, and day laborers in Westlake within the next two months, as the bike lane will be striped by October.

Westlake groups/advocates watch 7th St. PPT by Tim Fremaux of LADOT

Ideas for outreach include: Being featured on Univisión’s Primera Visión program Thursday morning, flyering at CicLAvia, having community residents (day laborers and Promotoras) do bilingual door to door outreach  and posting flyers at all of the businesses on the corridor, bike rides, bilingual bike safety workshops, and youth art projects.

All 7th St. materials have been translated into Spanish and Korean, fliers to be posted soon.

LACBC will also be attending BPIT later this afternoon to help give updates about outreach and hear more from the City about any engineering or planning concerns needed to be discussed. We will continue to keep you posted on any progress or exciting events, and hope to see you at CicLAvia at our Macarthur Park booth this Sunday!

If you are interested in volunteering or helping with the 7th St. campaign, please feel free to contact allison (at) la-bike (dot) org or call the LACBC office at 213-629-2142.

LACBC 7th Street Bike Lane Campaign Kicks Off!

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There is a very exciting campaign LACBC is starting! We’re proud to announce to all our members and the bicycle community that we will continue our work pressing ahead for bike lanes on 7th St.!

Map of 7th Street

As you may know, the Bike Plan update was recently passed by the Los Angeles City Council, which means that we can now implement some of the changes we’ve lobbied hard to include in the Plan. We are in the process of developing a massive outreach proposal to target low-income neighborhoods in Central and South LA, working with community groups. 7th St., amongst other key corridors, will commence the new strategy LACBC will be pushing to get bike access for low-income, working folks.

The great news is that, thanks to our advocacy, LADOT has told us that 7th Street will be striped by late September and early October 2011 before the third CicLAvia of the year! The first phase of the bike lane will start from Koreatown and stretch to Downtown. As the Bike Plan calls for, it will eventually extend all the way to Boyle Heights–at an impressive 5.4 miles!


7th Street is the first street for the Plan to start implementing because of the high need in the neighborhood, that it runs parallel to Wilshire, and connects many schools.

In a neighborhood where most residents can’t afford cars or walk, bike, and take transit already, it’s an ideal street to help many immigrant and mainstream cyclists get to work or get downtown.

Winning this bike lane would be part of a bigger network that LACBC is pushing forth for equitable bike lanes and bike friendly streets (BFS or residential street calming) in South and Central Los Angeles. Because of the high volume of traffic and pedestrians in these neighborhoods and the pothole stricken roads caused by heavy bus traffic, adding bike lanes would inevitably increase safety for pedestrians and bicyclists alike by separating us.

We are going to be collaborating with many groups that work with the diverse communities in Westlake and Koreatown on the ground. Our official partners are Council Member Ed Reyes, CARECEN, Acción Westlake, and especially those day laborer cyclists who have worked with City of Lights.

Remember, this is just the first taste of the Bike Plan coming into fruition! LACBC will continue to do heavy lifting to make sure the City implements the plan’s new bicycle policies and programs.

If interested in getting more information or involved in the campaign, contact Allison Mannos, Urban Strategy Director at allison [at] la-bike [dot] org or 213-629-2142.

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