About Us

For more on LACBC, visit our official web site at www.la-bike.org

Founded in 1998, Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) works to build a better, more bike-able Los Angeles County. LACBC is the only nonprofit, membership-based organization working exclusively for the millions of bicyclists in Los Angeles County. Through advocacy, education and outreach, Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition brings together the diverse bicycling community in a united mission to make the entire L.A. region a safe and enjoyable place to ride.

LACBC envisions a new Los Angeles that is a great place for everyday, year-round cycling; a Los Angeles with healthier, more vibrant communities, where the air is cleaner, streets are safer and quieter; a Los Angeles where people can live, work and thrive.

Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition develops campaigns, programs, resources and events to support bicycling-related advocacy, education, outreach and fun all around Los Angeles County. LACBC works with the 88 civic jurisdictions of Los Angeles County, as well as with Caltrans, LADOT, METRO and other agencies. LACBC also acts as “bike central” – a resource for individuals and organizations from all reaches of the County, California and the nation.

Contact Us


634 S. Spring Street, Suite 821 Los Angeles, CA 90014

Tel (213) 629-2142 Fax (213) 629-2259

Contact the LACBC staff.


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  1. Goodmorning, We are a newly formed nonprofit 501 (c) 3 operating out of my garage in Granada Hills. we help kids and adults get bikes thru donations. we distributed 66 bikes last year, this year we have exceded 100 so far. Please check out our website listed above, we would like to be added to your blog. One of our goals this year is to feed 1000 people, and distribute 100 new bikes by christmas. Thanks

    (805) 889-8038
    Radical Outreach People Empowered, Inc( R.O.P.E.)
    Steven Musnicky, President

  2. Go dedicated bike lanes!!! Lets make this stuff happen mile by mile, day by day. Lay down the pathway and they will come…

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