Final Sharrows Tasks Completed

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Tuesday, October 26th marked the last day of the Sharrows Pilot Study tasks as outlined in LACBC and LADOT’s contracts. The final step before putting this baby to rest is for both LACBC and LADOT to write and release reports summarizing findings from data collection from the Sharrows test rides as well as counts and surveys. LACBC’s report will be released by the end of the year.

LACBC was tasked to do before and after Sharrows implementation bike counts. Surveys were also conducted to get a sense of how cyclist’s sense of safety had changed after the implementation of Sharrows and whether motorist behavior was affected. We surveyed both cyclists riding in the streets as well as those riding on the sidewalk. Sharrows are aimed at not only indicating correct lane positioning for cyclists to stay out of the door zone, but also to decrease sidewalk and wrong way riding.

LACBC’s final bike counts and surveys were held this past week. Volunteers were stationed at all 6 locations in morning, evening and weekend peak hours. It was a fun way to engage cyclists, get their input on what matters to them and collect important information that will ensure that we see more Sharrows on our streets. Volunteers also distributed educational fliers to both motorists and cyclists in order to better inform the public on what Sharrows are, what they mean for both cyclists and for motorists and how to use them.

While doing the surveys one recurrent theme came up. Because of a lack of signage, many cyclists and motorists were unaware of the Sharrows and/or did not know how to use them properly. This indicates the importance of appropriate signage and education as a necessary element when incorporating new and innovative bike infrastructure on our streets. Education and signage enhance the benefits of the infrastructure for all users and can take the mystery out of a new road marking.

We would like to thanks all of the wonderful volunteers who came out day after day, on the weekends and early in the morning to help with the test rides and with the counts and surveys. We could not have done this without you!

Sharrows Counts and Surveys Round 2, Volunteers Needed

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With your help on these last counts and surveys, we'll be one step closer to seeing sharrows regularly painted on the streets of Los Angeles, photo: LACBC/flickr

LACBC is excited to announce our final task of the sharrows study we’ve been working on with the city of LA since last Spring.  We will be conducting “after-sharrows” counts and surveys of bicyclists and their reactions to the six streets where sharrows were painted over the summer.

We’ll also be handing out our newly printed sharrows informational flier, which you can download here (it’s a fold-out two-sider so it might be a little funny to read, but go ahead and print it out to see it in full effect).

We’re looking for volunteers to help with this effort to push LA’s bike infrastructure forward, so check the dates, times, and locations below and sign up for a shift at

  1. Saturday, October 16th, 11am-1pm
  2. Tuesday, October 19th, 7am-9am
  3. Tuesday, October 19th, 4pm-6pm

*Note: Each of the above three shifts will take place at Abbot Kinney in Venice, Reseda in the San Fernando Valley, 4th St in Koreatown, Fountain Ave in East Hollywood, Adams Blvd near USC and Westholme Ave just south of UCLA.

Sharrows on 4th Street, LaBonge Bike Ride, and 4th Street Campaign meeting!

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Sharrows on 4th Street, LaBonge Bike Ride, and 4th Street Campaign meeting!

Just last week, on June 16th, 4th Street from Vermont to Wilton was installed with sharrows – a very exciting and important first step towards achieving our goal of making 4th Street a Bicycle Boulevard.

This Wednesday June 23rd, Councilmember Tom LaBonge is hosting a bike ride on 4th Street, as part of his annual Summer Bike Ride series. Be one of the first to check out the freshly painted sharrows!

Our goal, however, is more than just sharrows. We want 4th Street to be a Bicycle Boulevard – that means traffic circles and mini-parks, traffic diverters, bicycle and pedestrian specific signaling, and much more.

Not only will bicyclists benefit, but pedestrians, families, pets, exercisers, as well as any other users of 4th Street will benefit from the positive enhancements that a true Bicycle Boulevard brings about.

We will be present on the bike ride on Wednesday, and if you want to get involved with the 4th Street campaign, join us on Thursday at 7 at Makkah Halal Tandoori Restaurant (401 S. Vermont Ave) as we continue to move forward in making 4th Street a true Bicycle Boulevard!

If nothing else, keep your eyes peeled for more upcoming events. The LACBC campaign team is planning a big press event to further galvanize community members and the press to help make 4th Street a true Bicycle Boulevard.

Another Look At Sharrows – And More to Come!

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photo by Joe Linton via laecovillage blog

Sharrows have been spotted on Fountain Ave. and now on 4th Street and we are expecting more to come! This is an exciting time for LA and we would like to thank you, our members and cycling community for helping make this happen. You wrote letters, you came to meetings and you supported us through this process. After 5 years of dodging delays we are very happy to see them on on our streets.

We would like to acknowledge the different reactions to the new Los Angeles sharrows. Cyclists who have ridden the sharrows on Fountain Ave. have expressed extreme excitement and feelings of empowerment while others offer criticism on best placement for the sharrow in the lane. What is important to keep in mind is that this is already an improvement on the current conditions, where there are no sharrows at all. LACBC is glad to see that we are moving forward on getting more bicycle facilities on our streets. Based on results from the San Francisco sharrows study, sharrows have a positive impact on motorist and cyclist behavior, positions and safety and encourage more ridership.

We understand the community’s concerns about proper placement of sharrows and we agree that in addition to getting sharrows on our streets the goal is to ensure that best practices are achieved. After contacting multiple bicycle advocacy organizations from different cities that have painted sharrows, LACBC has found that many place their sharrows at 11 or 12 feet and have reported positive reactions from local cyclists. We have also found that some cities paint them in the center of the lane or at 13 to 14 feet from the curb depending on lane width with very positive reactions from the community as well. Most of these cities reported following the guidelines as recommended from the San Francisco study and CAMUTCD code which states that the sharrow marking should be placed at a minimum of 11 ft, but optionally, the distance from the curb may be increased.  

Moving forward, LACBC recommends that LADOT carefully consider alternate placement locations for sharrows depending on the lane width, traffic volume, size of parking lane, and other important factors that determine where they should be placed in order that sharrows are used effectively and appropriately when installed in the future. We also request that LADOT make it clear what the goals of the study are and maintain as much transparency as possible in order to build more trust within the community.

Continue Reading Another Look At Sharrows – And More to Come!…

Sharrows Finally On The Streets of LA!

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Sharrows are finally on the ground in Los Angeles, photo; facebook/lacbc

This morning we watched the installation of the City of Los Angeles’ first Sharrows, painted on Fountain Ave. in East Hollywood where City Council President and sharrows champion Eric Garcetti’s 13th district is located.  For LACBC this marks a very important victory and we’re hoping today will be turning point for Los Angeles.  Sharrows have been used in cities all across the U.S., in Canada and even in Australia. Los Angeles however had still not seen a single official shared lane marking.  But today we can say that LA has sharrows and they are here to stay. We’ve got videos and photos from this morning’s painting that we will be posting later today.

We would like to thank Council President Eric Garcetti for his leadership and help pushing through the effort to see sharrows on Los Angeles’ streets. We would also like to thank Mayor Villaraigosa for his support and help in solidifying funding from SCAG, ensuring that this project could actually happen. Thank you to the the David Bohnett Foundation for funding LACBC’s portion of the tasks and to LADOT for finally getting paint on the ground.

There are 5 more locations where DOT will be painting sharrows in the coming weeks, so look forward to more sharrows news. LACBC will be finalizing the sharrows pilot project through the summer and early fall, and will continue to work to identify streets that can benefit from sharrows as they become a standard part of the toolbox used to make this city a better place to bike.

Sharrows Almost Here! Ball Is Now In DOT’s Court

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A Finished Sharrow in New York; photo,

One of LACBC’s on going campaigns is to bring sharrows (shared-lane markings) to the streets Los Angeles.  After almost 6 years of delays from LADOT, the project is finally happening, thanks to the leadership and support from Councilmember Eric Garcetti, and funding from Soutern California Association of Governments and the David Bohnett Foundation.

Last month LACBC conducted pre-sharrows surveys and counts and this month, LACBC has rallied volunteers as LADOT has been conducting data- collection test rides. We would like to thank all the volunteers that came out and spent valuable hours helping move this process forward. As of Thursday, all the pre-installation sharrows tasks are complete and LADOT should now begin to get some paint on the streets.

We expect to see Sharrows painted between the 2nd and 3rd weeks of June as outlined in the scope of work timeline.

New York City workers put sharrows on 5th Street, a common route for cyclists; photo,

Although we are a few years behind, Los Angeles is finally starting to catch up to our neighboring cities. Sharrows are far from a new concept.  In years past, cities such as San Francisco, Portland, and New York implemented sharrows on their own streets.

These markings provide more protection and visibility for cyclists on streets without bike lanes.  Sharrows guide cyclists safely out of the “door zone” as well as positioning them far enough into the lane that they are noticed by drivers. They will serve as a clarification of bicyclists’ right of way in spots where there are commonly problems between cyclists and drivers.  In areas where there is a gap between two bike lanes, sharrows can be used to connect the lanes.

In San Fransisco, sharrows were first implemented 2 years ago on Market, and today, those locations have gone on to become SF’s first street with a dedicated bike lane. As sharrows increase bicyclist comfort and respect received in the street, they’ve been seen to regularly serve as a stepping stone towards more comprehensive bicycle infrastructure.

San Francisco's Market Street Dedicated Bike Lane; photo,

Sharrows Test Rides Kick Off, 2 More Weeks Before Paint on the Ground

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Volunteer Donna Chazanov takes the lane during the Sharrows Test Ride, photo:flickr/LACBC

A big shout-out to all our Sharrows Test Ride volunteers who came out this week to help push the City of LA one week closer to seeing the first ever official sharrows in this city. We test rode two sections of town that will be getting sharrows painted third week of June, making 100 passes on these streets while LADOT recorded how cars reacted to bicyclists taking the lane—which sharrows will direct bikes to do. The experience was altogether enlightening and felt as if simply riding the street was helping to make them safer…which was exactly the case.

We’ve got two more weeks of test rides and then it’s up to LADOT to put the paint on the ground. We’ve been keeping tabs and all signs have pointed to everything being on schedule, so stay tuned to make sure the city holds up its end of the bargain.

Update: DOT Releases Sharrows Test Ride Dates and Times

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Thanks to the hard work of Michelle Mowery, LADOT’s senior Bike Programs Coordinator, we now have dates and times for the sharrows test ride we talked about last week;

So we need volunteers to help ride the streets that are going to be sharrowed in June. While riders are passing through the streets along markers that will simulate where sharrows will go,  DOT will be tracking how motorists respond to bicyclists taking the lane. Volunteers will get a cycle computer if they don’t have one–bring your own if you do–to track the back and forth routes riders will be performing over the two hour time slots that DOT is requesting for the study.

Bicyclists taking LACBC's sharrow survey, LA's first ever on street bicyclist intercept survey, photo: Flickr/lacbc

Only difference is, DOT now wants us out there for 3 hour blocks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and the dates are staggered through the last week of May and the first and second weeks of June. So check out the schedule below and email to get involved. Once this last step of the preliminary work is done, we’ll finally see sharrows painted by the City of Los Angeles in the streets of LA!

Update: All morning times have been moved from 6:30am to 7:30am, now ending at 10:30am (5/27/10).

  1. East Hollywood, Tuesday May 25th, 7:30AM–10:30AM
  2. East Hollywood, Tuesday May 25th, 3:30PM–6:30PM
  3. Koreatown, Wednesday May 26th, 7:30AM–10:30AM
  4. Koreatown, Wednesday May 26th,3:30PM–6:30PM
  5. Reseda, Wednesday June 2nd, 7:30AM–10:30AM
  6. Reseda, Wednesday June 2nd, 3:30PM–6:30PM
  7. University Park/USC, Thursday June 3rd, 7:30AM–10:30AM
  8. University Park/USC, Thursday June 3rd, 3:30PM–6:30PM
  9. Holmby Hills/UCLA, Tuesday June 8th, 7:30AM–10:30AM
  10. Holmby Hills/UCLA, Tuesday June 8th, 3:30PM–6:30PM
  11. Venice, Wednesday June 9th, 7:30AM–10:30AM
  12. Venice, Wednesday June 9th, 3:30PM–6:30PM

Volunteers Needed for Next Step in Sharrows Pilot Project; Gathering Data on Bicyclist-Motorist Behavior

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While tomorrow will be the last of our Pre-Sharrows Count and Survey work, the week of May 24th will mark the beginning of the next step in getting the Sharrows Pilot Project over the hurdles its faced.

A vision of the bikeable future--or atleast exactly where volunteers will find themselves on May 24th, photo: Flickr/richardmasoner

So we need volunteers to help ride the streets that are going to be sharrowed in June. While riders are passing through the streets on markers that will simulate where sharrows will go,  DOT will be tracking how motorists respond to bicyclists taking the lane. Volunteers will get a cycle computer if they don’t have one–bring your own if you do–to track the back and forth routes riders will be performing over the two hour time slots that DOT is requesting for the study.

We’re anticipating another morning session and an evening session, most likely 7:00 to 10:00 AM and  3:00 -6:00 PM, and in the same locations that our last counts were located at; Venice, Reseda, North University Park (USC), Holmby Hills, Koreatown and East Hollywood. Unfortunately DOT has yet to give us any exact dates beyond the week of May 24th, but we’ll be updating everyone as soon as they finally send them our way.

Email with dates, times and locations you’re available and let your friends and family know. Another big shout out to all those volunteers getting ready to count tomorrow morning and our incredible crew who helped out last Tuesday.

Pre-Sharrows Counts and Surveys Kicks Off, More Data to Gather in Coming Weeks

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Volunteer Rye Bearg listens to bicyclists concerns during a morning survey, photo: Will Campbell

Yesterday morning at 7am on a beautifully bright, clear day, LACBC kicked off the first activity in our half of the tasks needed to complete the Sharrows Pilot Project. At six locations across the City, several volunteers were at the ready, counting and surveying bicyclists as they rode by locations that will be painted with Sharrows in June by the LADOT.

While the forms are still making their way into us, what might very well have been the City of Los Angeles’ first ever on-street bicyclist intercept survey proved to be an enlightening affair. The diversity of Los Angeles’ bicycling community was on full display while the common denominator was clearly a strong desire for better infrastructure and a shared experience of the difficulties of getting around on a bike in this city.

While this session of counts and surveys will continue this Saturday, the week of May 24th will bring a whole new type of data gathering to the streets of Los Angeles.  With LACBC supplied cycle computers (or for those who have their own, BYOCC) attached to volunteers bikes, riders will be biking on the streets to be sharrow-ed in June. Over a two hour period, as bicyclists ride back and forth on the designated street, motorist behavior will be documented in relation to how and where these bicyclists ride in the road. While we’re still waiting on the details from the ever opaque DOT, everyone interested in volunteering to help with this first-ever bike experiment is encouraged to email

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