Next Generation Bikeways: Bicycling for All Ages in Los Angeles

October 31, 2013 at 1:00 pm | Posted in Bike News, Get Involved | 8 Comments
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Please sign our petition to Mayor Garcetti to Bring Cycletracks to LA!


Since adopting its 2010 Bicycle Plan, Los Angeles has made tremendous progress implementing bikeways across the city.   The new 167 miles of bike lanes bring the total bike lane network to 338 miles.  This breathtaking installation pace of up to 100 miles per year reflects the dedication of LADOT staff, often working overtime and weekends to design and stripe new facilities.  New segments of the LA River Bike Path, LA’s first bicycle-friendly street on Yucca, and many miles of sharrows add to the City’s burgeoning bike network.  This progress has yielded a comparable growth in ridership taking advantage of these new facilities.

Now that the low-hanging fruit of bike plan implementation has been picked, it is time to turn our attention to the next generation of bikeways in Los Angeles.  Just as we need to connect the fragments of our bike network, we also need to connect the dots among many complementary policies and programs at different agencies.  In 2014, we call upon the City of Los Angeles to:

  • Adopt an “8 to 80” design standard for the Mobility Element’s Bicycle-Enhanced Network (BEN) and 2010 Bicycle Plan’s Neighborhood Network,
  • Appoint a new LADOT General Manager who is committed to innovative street design,
  • Accelerate implementation of cycletracks by incorporating the BEN into the Mayor’s Great Streets Initiative,
  • Install LA’s first cycletracks on Figueroa in 2014,
  • Apply for round 2 of the Green Lane Project to receive technical assistance from the nation’s leading bikeway design experts,
  • Ensure adequate staffing of the bikeways and pedestrian groups at LADOT to satisfy pent-up demand for these improvements across the city, and
  • Work with Metro to increase investments in next generation bikeways and pedestrian infrastructure across Los Angeles County, concentrated around transit stations and schools.

These steps will expand the reach of LA’s bicycle network both geographically and demographically to attract the kind of ridership growth we’ve seen in other cities around the country that have made similar investments.  We must invest and innovate to reach LA’s bicycling potential.

Don’t forget to sign our petition to Mayor Garcetti to Bring Cycletracks to LA!

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  1. “Sharrows” should not be considered an achievement. They are confusing and dangerous. They demonstrate a lack of political will rather than the opposite.

    • I couldn’t agree more!!
      Totally true: Sharrows do NOT achieve much. They’re just a pitiful excuse of not placing bike lanes. Well… probably Sharrows is better than nothing at all, but they’re not even close to providing safety and convenience for bicycling as bike lanes do. Cars ignore Sharrows just as they ignore cyclists.
      We need Class II Bike Lanes, Class I Dedicated Trails, and Cycle Tracks.

  2. BUILD BICYCLE SKYWAYS!!!!!!! elevated bike paths over the streets as highways for non stop high speed green silent clean transport for the city of LA -CORBINFIBER

  3. Cycletracks are pie in the sky. Aint nobody got time, money, or space for them. Sharrows are the way to go. Skyways? Dream on…

    “Security is mostly superstition . . . Life is daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

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