Climate Ride 2013 Recap

June 20, 2013 at 4:04 pm | Posted in Bike News, LACBC Events | 1 Comment

Congratulations to our LACBC team for completing the 5-day, 320-mile California Climate Ride! Our team and individual members not only met their fundraising goals, but Team LACBC was also the highest fundraising team!

Team LACBC enjoying a free beer for being the team with the most money generated!

Team LACBC enjoying free beer for being the team with the most money generated! Photo courtesy of Lisa Liberati.

We’re catching up with some of our riders who participated in this ride. We first have Gregory Laemmle. Greg led the LACBC team as the team captain and also in terms of fundraising. He was pleasantly surprised that people generously donated to his ride so readily.

“People are concerned about climate change,” Greg says.  “Maybe not enough to become daily bike commuters, or to put solar panels on their roof, but concerned.  And so they were generally only too happy to contribute toward this cause.  I relied strictly on mass e-mails and Facebook posts.”

In terms of training, Greg was thoroughly prepared for this ride, although he had to make a few adjustments in his schedule to make time on the weekends for longer rides. What Greg really enjoyed about these ride was that a few friends and other Climate Riders tagged along with him to train. He also was able to ride in new places such as Nichols Canyon and Old Mulholland Highway. Being able to ride 50 miles on consecutive days allowed him to climb over 20,000 feet with no aches, pains, or injuries.

Greg is already extremely excited for next year’s ride, and even though they may change the route, he knows that it will open up more opportunities for other riders to see different scenic parts of California. He is also proud of the LACBC team for raising the most fundsand cannot wait for recruitment. He hopes to bring a larger team, as well as raise more dollars.

Next we have one of our featured riders, Michael Rippens. As Michael prepared for this race, he worried about the weather conditions for the Climate Ride with previous rides being faced with rain. Luckily this year, the ride did not have to deal with rainy weather and everyone fared with beautiful, sunny days, with the tradeoff of some heavy wind.

One of Michael’s misfortunes during this ride was a slight “wardrobe malfunction” where his wind vest got caught into his front wheel which caused him to flip over. Luckily he did not have any serious injuries and was able to finish the ride. To top it off, Michael was able to challenge himself by doing the optional century ride on Day 3!

Here’s a quick scenic video of the ride!

Lastly, Michael felt that even through the struggles, the ride was completely worth it. “But, the best part about the Climate Ride, by far, was all the amazing and inspirational people I met along the way. Each and every rider and support person had an interesting personal story as well as a passion for cycling, preserving the environment and making our world a better place to live. I certainly made some lifelong friends on the ride and I can’t wait ‘til next year to do it all over again!” As it was an unforgettable experience for him, he along with Greg cannot wait for next year!

Team LACBC after the ride at San Francisco City Hall! Photo courtesy of Lisa Liberati.

Team LACBC after the ride at San Francisco City Hall! Photo courtesy of Lisa Liberati.

Thank you to all of the Team LACBC Climate Riders: Lisa Liberati, Laurie Gelardi, Kathy Gelardi, Marc Horwitz, Leonard Laub, Yvonne Ascher, John Cork, Michael Rippens, and team captain Greg Laemmle!

Thanks again to our intern Vincent Ho for writing recap of the ride and to Michael Rippens and Greg Laemmle for speaking with us!

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