Driver Who Hit and Killed Alan Deane to Be Sentenced

November 8, 2012 at 2:09 pm | Posted in Bike News, Get Involved | 16 Comments

Alan at the Pasadena Farmers Market, January 2010

On September 22, 2011, Alan Deane was struck and killed by Sidrath Misra in Pasadena. Misra turned left in front of Deane at the intersection of Colorado Blvd. and Terrace Dr. as Deane was traveling east on Colorado. It was Alan’s 61st birthday that day and it’s believed he was on his way to a forum being hosted by radio station KPCC, where Alan was regular attendee and considered a member of KPCC’s extended family. Alan was a talented musician and a gregarious, inquisitive individual known and loved by many. He was a volunteer for the LACBC and helped with many of our projects including the Safe & Healthy Streets initiative in Glendale. Alan didn’t like driving and chose to travel by bicycle most of the time.

We’re told by Alan’s family that Misra is to be sentenced on November 13th for Alan’s death. The Deputy Prosecutor’s office initially filed a vehicular manslaughter charge, but  has since arranged a plea bargain with Misra which is expected to include a lesser charge of Reckless Driving. The penalties are expected to be community service and some sort of fine. The hearing to be held on November 13th is to confirm or modify the sentence.

Alan’s Ghost Bike at the collision site

Alan’s family would prefer harsher penalties for Misra. We’d like to see harsher penalties as well. At the least, the revocation or suspension of Misra’s driver’s license should be a key feature of the sentence. Driving is a privilege, not a right and penalties for drivers who kill bicyclists in a case like Alan’s should include the revocation or suspension of the driving privilege. The hearing will be public. We encourage anyone who can to attend the sentencing hearing to show support for Alan’s family and to demonstrate with your presence that we care and want to see justice done. If you go, please bring your bicycle helmet into the courtroom so the judge, prosecutors, and Misra will know the bicycling community is present.

The sentencing hearing will be at the following location and time:

When: Tuesday, November 13; 1:30 PM

Where: Los Angeles Superior Court – 300 East Walnut, Dept. N, Pasadena

Judge Steven Monette presiding.

UPDATE: We are also organizing a short bike ride in support of Alan Deane’s family to the court house. Meet us at 12:30 PM at the southwest corner of Colorado Blvd. and Terrace Dr. in Pasadena, and this ride will travel one mile to the Los Angeles Superior Court at 300 East Walnut in Pasadena for the sentencing. See the Facebook Event for more details.

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  1. Wait.. Wasn’t this a Hit and run case to start? How can that be plea bargained?

  2. I have been corrected. It wasn’t.

  3. I thought it was a hit and run too…. I didnt even realize this was a call to action till the last paragraph… When will the LA bike community get angry and demand justice?

  4. You may be remembering Jocelyn Young who got killed on the 18th

    • Who was the dept DA handling this plea bargain? I find it very very poor, and would like to know who it is.

      • According to one of Alan’s family members it is Joon Kim…

  5. […] LACBC urges you to attend the sentencing of the driver who killed cyclist Alan Deane last year. And the Bike Coalition invites you to ride […]

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  7. […] LACBC is urging cyclists to attend the sentencing of Sidrath Misra, accused killer of bike rider Alan Deane in Pasadena last year. The hearing is scheduled for 1:30 […]

  8. Of course I will be there. I hope that others come as well. Although I’m told we probably won’t be allowed to speak, our presence there could affect the outcome.

  9. I’m curious, at what time did the accident occur?….was there alcohol ivolved on either side?…

    • The incident happened at 6:13PM…no alcohol reported from either side. The driver did remain at the scene.

  10. I’d like to point out that Alan was riding his bike on the sidewalk when he entered the intersection. (There’s a good reason adult cyclists should ride in the street following the rules of traffic, and that we teach children to walk their bikes through intersections when riding on sidewalks.) This fact seriously mitigates the culpability of the driver and is the reason he’s not being charged with anything more serious. Also, Alan wasn’t wearing a helmet.

    • Unfortunately Ian an incorrect statement reported in the early news coverage placed Alan on the sidewalk when in reality he was riding legally on the street when he was hit. That was verified by footage taken by a security camera located close by.

  11. One minor correction to the article – Alan was most likely on his way to Denny’s in Pasadena to get his free birthday meal when he was struck, He mentioned this plan on his Facebook page that day. Either way, it pleases me to hear that the driver was being charged. As I’m just now seeing this article, I am interested to know what came of the charges – what kind of sentencing finally occurred? Thanks.

    • i should specify that the reason it pleases me to hear of the charge is because initially the accident was being positioned as Alan’s fault, which is ridiculous, whether he was on the sidewalk or riding on the street — He had the legal right of way as he passed through the intersection with a green light in his favor.

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