LA County’s Bike Highlights of 2011

January 5, 2012 at 6:52 pm | Posted in Bike News, LACBC Events | 1 Comment

The year 2011 has been an eventful one for those who ride bikes in LA County! We’ve been to more press conferences and seen more giant scissors for ribbon-cutting ceremonies than ever before. Additionally, there is so much momentum with our regional groups that we can’t quite keep up with all the news.

Here are a few highlights from 2011 that we’re thankful for:

  • January: Sunday Funday rides kick off with the Valley Pride Ride. (link)
  • January: The Bike Wrangler begins wrangling up bikes. (link)
  • February: The City of LA’s first bike corral appears in Highland Park in front of Cafe de Leche. (link)
  • March: The City of LA’s Bike Plan is approved and signed into action by Mayor Villaraigosa. (link)
  • March: LACBC receives the “Best Practices” Award from the Alliance for Biking & Walking for the City of Lights Program. (link)
  • April: The second CicLAvia is a huge success. (link)
  • April: Glendale’s Safe & Healthy Streets Plan passes. (link)
  • April: Metro’s bikes-on-rail restrictions are lifted. (link)
  • May: Everyone celebrates bike month around the County. (link)
  • May: The Culver City Bicycle Coalition helps conduct another successful bike count.
  • May: LACBC releases our first tri-lingual video for the 7th Street bike lane campaign. (link)
  • June: LACBC’s 11 Annual LA River Ride attracts over 2,000 participants, and Grand Marshal Austin Nichols, LA Mayor Villaraigosa, and Glendale Mayor lead us all out riding. (link)
  • June: LACBC holds a Korean-language press conference for the 7th Street bike lanes. (link)
  • July: Carmageddon comes. The world does not end. The Wolfpack Hustle convincingly beats a JetBlue plane from Burbank to Long Beach. (link, link)
  • July: LA passes the Cyclist Anti-Harassment Ordinance, the first of its kind in the country. (link)
  • July: LACBC regional groups debut with the Antelope Valley Bicycle Coalition, Better Bike Beverly Hills, Culver City Bicycle Coalition, Montebello Bicycle Coalition, Santa Monica Spoke, South Bay Bicycle Coalition, West San Gabriel Valley Bicycle Coalition. (link)
  • August: The West Hollywood Bicycle Coalition becomes the 8th local chapter to join LACBC’s regional partnership. (link)
  • September: The 7th Street bike lane, which cuts through Koreatown and MacArthur Park, and touches on Downtown LA, breaks ground. (link)
  • September: LACBC, with the help of hundreds of volunteers, conducts the City of LA’s 2nd-ever bike and pedestrian count. (link)
  • September: ThinkBike workshop invites Dutch planners to re-envision LA’s streets. (link)
  • October: Tour de Fat and CicLAvia headline LA’s bikiest weekend ever. (link)
  • October: LACBC hosts the Alliance for Biking & Walking’s Winning Campaigns Training, bringing together our regional groups to make LA County truly more bike friendly. (link)
  • October: The 2nd Annual City of Lights Dinner raises funds and honors Mayor Villaraigosa, Laura Torres, and Hector Tobar. (link)
  • November: Spring Street green bike lanes in Downtown LA and 1st Street bike lanes in Boyle Heights open. (link)
  • November: The South Bay and Santa Monica pass their bike plans on the same night! (link, link)
  • December: Bike Count results reveal–not suprisingly–that cycling is on the rise in Los Angeles. (link)

Thank you to our members, donors, supporters, and partners for making this all possible! We plan on carrying this momentum into 2012 to truly make LA County better and more bike-able.

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