LACBC to Host Bike Plan Rally Wednesday as Mayor Signs Off!

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Allison Mannos

Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

634 S. Spring Street, Suite 821

Los Angeles, CA 90014



February 7, 2011

Press Conference City Hall, March 2, 2011, 9:30am

Mayor Villaraigosa, Councilmen Reyes and Rosendahl, and the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

Mayor Villaraigosa to Sign 2010 Bicycle Plan

After many years of hard work and collaboration by the Los Angeles Department of City Planning, the Department of Transportation, the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition and the greater bicycling advocacy community, the City of Los Angeles has updated its citywide Bicycle Plan, created in 1996. After receiving full city council approval, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, along with Councilmembers Ed Reyes and Bill Rosendahl and Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, will hold a press conference on March 2, 2011, 9:30am at City Hall to celebrate and share details of the 2010 Plan with the broader community.

Approval of the 2010 Plan was reached in the Planning Commission, a joint meeting of the Planning and Land Use Management and Transportation Committees and the full City Council as of March 1st, 2011. The 2010 Plan designates a 1,680 mile bikeway system and encompasses a holistic approach to integrate a more livable, healthy Los Angeles. In addition, the 2010 Plan strives to transform the streets of Los Angeles to become safer for cyclists and increase to 5% the daily amount of trips made by bicycle. This Plan will be implemented over the next 5 years. A copy of the full 2010 Plan can be downloaded at

Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition is excited to share in this historic moment and encourages the media and bicycle communities to attend the press event and council meeting.

“The Bicycle Master Plan is a critical step towards making cycling a safe, accessible, healthy alternative to the automobile. But even more than that, the Plan is an acknowledgment by the City of Los Angeles that the bicycle is a legitimate mode of transportation, deserving of the same consideration and accommodation that we give to automobiles on our roadways,” said Councilman Bill Rosendahl.

“This is a momentous occasion, from the perspective of how far we have come as a bicycling community from its early development to also looking ahead to what our City will feel like when the plan’s implementation becomes a reality. When infrastructure truly invites all Angelenos to get out on their bikes, L.A. can lead in becoming the largest bicycle friendly city in America,” said Jennifer Klausner, Executive Director, LACBC.

“LADOT is extremely pleased to have partnered with the City of Los Angeles Planning Department, as well as all our stakeholders in the greater bicycling community, in creating a visionary document for all of us,” said Amir Sedadi, Interim General Manager, LADOT.


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  1. It is wonderful to have an updataed BMP. HOWEVER without immediate implementation, the plan is worthless.

  2. […] a trip downtown Wednesday morning to witness Mayor Villaraigosa signing the — hopefully — newly approved bike plan in front of City Hall. Sign up as a Bike Buddy to guide less experienced riders on Bike to Work Day […]

  3. […] reported by Damien Newton of Streetsblog LA, the LACBC is also planning a celebratory press conference for Wednesday morning on the steps of City Hall.  The rally will be more than just a redundant […]

  4. […] the passing of the bike plan when Mayor Villaraigosa plans to sign it at a rally and press conference on the steps of City Hall on Wednesday, from 9:30 am to 10 […]

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