Glendale Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Report 2010 Released Today

February 24, 2011 at 12:28 pm | Posted in Bike News, Resources | 4 Comments

LACBC and the City of Glendale organized bicycle and pedestrian counts as part of the Safe and Healthy Streets project in September 2009 and 2010. Over 80 volunteers counted bicyclists and pedestrians at 26 different locations for both years. The data collected was used for the report we’re proud to release today.

Volunteer Guillaume Lemoine records a cyclist on Glenoaks at Grandview in northwest Glendale.

The purpose of the count is to record the activities of pedestrians and bicyclists in Glendale so the City can track trends over time and use the data to better inform decisions regarding infrastructure, education and encouragement programs, and enforcement. The 2010 Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Report provides the City with a good initial glimpse of bicycle and pedestrian trends; however, future counts must be conducted in order to build a better and more comprehensive data set.

According to the data collected, many of the top volume locations for bicyclists and pedestrians in 2009 were once again among the top locations in 2010. Two of the count locations – Flower & Sonora and Glenoaks & Grandview – were among the top five locations for cyclists in both 2009 and 2010. It’s worth noting that the intersection at Flower & Sonora has been far higher in terms of cyclist volumes than any other individual recorded location for both years. Four of the top five locations for pedestrians in 2009 were once again among the top five for 2010. Central & Americana Way, a new count location for 2010, was number one for pedestrian volumes.

Overall volumes were down for bicyclists and pedestrians city-wide, but slight fluctuations are expected from year to year and the weather during the 2010 count most likely played a factor as well. Fluctuations in volume highlight the fact that this report is a snapshot of walking and bicycling patterns in the City and is not intended to give exact numbers. Expected fluctuations from year to year are also a key reason why it’s important to conduct such counts over the course of multiple years, annually, to help average out the results and show patterns over time.

The report also includes information beyond just the number of pedestrians and cyclists counted at the given locations. A review of bicyclist behaviors such as sidewalk riding, helmet use, and wrong-way riding as well as a review of collision data for pedestrians and cyclists are also included in the report to help provide a more detailed picture of walking and bicycling in Glendale.

We’re excited to share the findings of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Report, and encourage more bicycle and pedestrian counts in the future. “After two years organizing the count and collecting the data, we’re very pleased with this report as a tool that can be used for a more bike and pedestrian friendly Glendale,” says LACBC Executive Director Jennifer Klausner. Once again we’d like to thank all the volunteers for their work.

You can download a copy of the Glendale Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Report 2010 by clicking here (3MB).

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  2. As one who both walks and rides a lot in Glendale, I’m very interested in the results of this survey. Although I haven’t yet given it more than a cursory glance, I’m already curious about the inclusion of the Central/Americana Way crossing. This crossing is between the Americana shopping facility and the Glendale Galleria mall, and as such I’m not surprised by the large volume of pedestrians. I wonder about the usefulness of this crossing as a data point, however. I’d venture that the overwhelming proportion of peds in that crosswalk are traveling between the two malls, and as such I’m not sure how representative they are of pedestrian traffic in Glendale in general.

    • Thank you for your comments Marc. The Central and Americana Way location was added at the request of the City’s Planning Department. It’s true that it’s no surprise the ped volume is high at this location, but I’m not sure we could have predicted how much higher the ped volume would be than any other location in the count. Keep in mind that this is a snapshot of walking and biking in Glendale using a specific set of locations and that Central and Americana Way is 1 of 26 locations in the count. Also, a lot of pedestrian traffic is comprised of shoppers (take Honolulu and Ocean View for example) and if they’re walking, they’re pedestrians. How the information is used is yet to be determined. The same is true for all the locations. For now we know Central and Americana one of the highest pedestrian volume locations in the City and that the pedestrians are likely shoppers (or employees) at the two malls. The high ped volume underscores the need to maintain a good pedestrian crossing at this location, as well as (potentially) access to transit. We also did a pedestrian and bicyclist survey last year which we will be releasing soon. That should also help provide more information about peds and bicyclists in Glendale. Stay tuned!

      Colin Bogart

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