Two Glendale Commissions Vote to Support Safe & Healthy Streets Plan

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At a special joint meeting on Monday January 24, 2011, Glendale’s Transportation and Parking Commission (TPC) and Planning Commission (PC) voted unanimously to recommend that Glendale City Council adopt the Safe & Healthy Streets Plan. The Plan is a set of policies intended to support and encourage walking and biking in Glendale for years to come and is the result of a PLACE Grant funded collaboration of the LACBC and the City of Glendale. Video of the entire meeting is archived and can be viewed on the City of Glendale website here.

Commission Meeting in Glendale Council Chambers, Jan. 24 2011

The meeting, which lasted over two hours, included an overview presentation of the Safe & Healthy Streets Plan by LACBC PLACE Grant Coordinator Colin Bogart, a presentation about the proposed Riverdale-Maple Neighborhood Greenway by Glendale Public Works Engineering staff member Kevin Carter, supportive comments from Glendale residents and visitors, and comments and questions from the two Commissions. The purpose of the meeting was to collect comments from the two commissions and a motion recommending City Council adoption of the Plan. Support from the Commissions is considered a key element in the run-up to presenting the Safe & Healthy Streets Plan to City Council which is expected to take place in late February or early March.

Prior to the vote of support, the Commissioners engaged in a lengthy question and comment period. TPC member Maro Yacoubian requested that the Plan’s policies include all schools in Glendale, not just Glendale Unified School District schools. Yacoubian and other commissioners were also very interested and supportive of a proposed Pedestrian and Bicyclist Advisory Committee as well as a Pedestrian and Bicyclist Coordinator position for the City. Additional discussion included the Safe and Healthy Streets recommendations regarding a formal adoption of the Complete Streets Policy into the City’s Circulation Element as required by the California Complete Streets Act of 2008, establishing a bike co-op in Glendale, improved infrastructure for pedestrians and bicyclists, and the need for clear goals to help measure success.

A group of roughly 15 Glendale residents and visitors attended the meeting to show their support for the Plan and many of them spoke to the Commissions. Residents who couldn’t attend the meeting sent e-mails. This show of support impressed the Commissioners and certainly helped to ensure their vote in favor of the Plan. We’d like to thank all of the people who sent e-mails, who attended the meeting, and who spoke to the Commissions. We are grateful for the enthusiastic backing that we have received from the community.

The next commission to review the Safe & Healthy Streets Plan will be the Glendale Parks, Recreation and Community Services Commission on Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 2:00 pm in Council Chambers at Glendale City Hall. Once again we encourage anyone who lives, works, goes to school, or simply visits Glendale to attend the meeting. We will be asking the Parks Commission for their comments as well as their recommendation to City Council to adopt the Safe & Healthy Streets Plan. The agenda and details for this meeting will be posted at least a few days prior to February 10 on the City’s website here.

– Colin

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