City of LA Bike Plan Gets Approved

December 16, 2010 at 3:45 pm | Posted in Bike News, Get Involved | 8 Comments

The City of Los Angeles’ Bike Plan Update was approved today at the Planning Commission Meeting.

At the onset of the meeting, one could feel the excitement and hope in the air as advocates, commissioners, and planning folks mingled amicably, chatting about bike related topics.
The Bike Plan agenda item was the 2nd item to be discussed, thus the waiting time was minimized.

Before hearing from City staff, Commissioners commended the Planning Department for their work to improve the plan since the last planning commission meeting. Praise was offered recognizing the process of greater integration of bicycle advocates’ input and suggestions.

City Planning then presented a brief outline of the changes they made to the plan since the last Planning Commission meeting. These changes reflected the input from LACBC, Joe Linton and Bikeside. You can read a summary of these changes in our previous blog post .

The meeting then opened up for public comments. Bicycle advocates spoke in support of the plan and thanked City Planning, the Commissioners, and LADOT for their hard work.

One contentious issue was brought forth by the equestrian community demanding that the mountain bikes parks feasibility study policy be removed from the plan.  However, LACBC, IMBA, and many of the Planning Commissioners spoke up in favor of keeping it in the plan. Currently, the plan calls for a process to study the feasibility and to assess appropriate placement of  mountain bike facilities in City parks.

Commissioner Barbara Romero added that  LA may need to create an inventory to examine multi-use trails to address violations, similar to what the State of CA is doing. Commissioner Diego Cardoso added  that we need to first study the current violations. The Commissioners agreed to support the inclusion of the Mountain Bike Feasibility Study Policy in the plan.

City Planning also added that the Bike Plan Implementation team (BPIT) would be open to anyone from the community and that meetings would be publicized on City websites and through bicycle organizations. The Mayor will now have 30 days to review and submit recommendations. The plan will then go to City Council in February 2011 for approval.

Before the final vote to approve the Bike Plan, Commissioner Cardoso charged DOT with a mandate to provide the leadership to move forward on the plan and do more than just move cars.  Commissioner Romero added that there was still a need for political leadership and the advocate community’s  support to help staff do their job.  Commissioner Regina Freer commended the plan’s attention to equity issues.

There was a final vote and the plan was approved unanimously.

Cheers could be heard in the audience and hand shaking and hugs showed the good will and collaborative spirit that has helped move this plan forward.

Click here to read the twitter feed by LACBC and Joe Linton.

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  1. Excellent. Pedaling in the right direction and it’s a group ride :)

    • Cute. I know the tagline “A Component of the City of Los Angeles’ Transportation Element” already exists for the bike plan, but you’ve provided a nice option. Check it out: “2010 Bicycle Plan: Pedaling in the Right Direction & It’s a Group Ride.”

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  4. It is unfortunate that the trails in GP can’t be shared by all. The equine community even had attorneys present at the council meeting. Joe Young represented himself as a “Civil Engineer”. When in fact, he worked for the Los Angeles Water Co. as a hydrologist.

  5. The plan should implement as soon as possible..

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