Come Out and Get Your Voices Heard In Support Of A Better Bike Plan!

November 3, 2010 at 7:46 am | Posted in Bike News | 3 Comments

When: 8:30 AM on Thursday, November 4, 2010

Where: City Hall, Council Chambers, 200 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

LACBC has been working with the Mayor’s Office, City Planning Dept. and LADOT as well as gathering input from the bicycling community to try to make the 2010 Bicycle Plan Update a Better Bike Plan, a plan we can all support.

While LACBC is encouraged that many of our comments and suggestions have been incorporated into the draft plan we feel there are still some outstanding issues that need to be addressed in order for the plan to meet the shared goal of improving our city’s bicycle network and creating a more bike friendly city that encourages bicycling.

LACBC and as other advocates, Joe Linton and Alex Thompson, have also discussed in a blog post,  agree that these 3 items that still need to be addressed; Commitment to Bike Lanes, Defining Bicycle Friendly Streets, and Updating the Technical Design Manual. Before the plan receives full approval by Planning Commission these issues need to be better integrated into the plan. We urge everyone to come out and speak in support of a creating a Better Bike Plan.

1.More Commitment to Bike Lanes

The Bike Plan needs to make a commitment to Bike Lanes. Currently there are just over 50 miles of “proposed” or “designated” bike lane projects in the plan. The plan still lists over 511 miles of bike lanes projects in the potential category.

Planning asserts that many of these projects will need an Environmental Review (EIR) in order to be implemented. We feel that at least half of these projects will not need an EIR and would like to see all bike lane projects  be “proposed” or “designated” in the plan and on all of the maps.

Recently, we have seen the City stripe bike lanes on Wilbur Ave. and on St. Pedro Street, with no EIR. Calling out almost all bike lanes projects in the plan as potential and stipulating that many will need an EIR can delay implementation and greatly inflates the costs of the projects. It also shows a lack of commitment from the city to the vision of a more bike-able Los Angeles.

2. Defining Bicycle Friendly Streets

LACBC previously submitted recommendations to Planning to better define Bicycle Friendly Streets. As was mentioned in our previous post, Planning did incorporate some changes but did not do enough to distinguish a Bicycle Friendly Street from a bike route. We are asking that Planning stipulate that every Bicycle Friendly Street will incorporate signage, on-street pavement markings, and traffic calming features; a minimum of 3 treatments. For a Bicyle Friendly street to actually prioritize bicycle travel it must always incorporate traffic calming features in addition to signage and on-street markings, thus differentiating it from a bike route.

3. Updating the Technical Design Manual

Included with the Draft Bike Plan is the Technical Design Manual, which provides design and engineering guidance for the types of projects we would all like to see implemented on our streets. The Street Sections need to be updated so they do not hinder bike lane projects. Many of our streets, especially in the older parts of Los Angeles already have 10′ or even 9′ travel lanes. And many of our streets have travel lanes that are much wider and could easily be narrowed, providing space for bike lanes, if the vehicle travel lanes are 10′.

If a standard is to be established through the guidelines, we ask that Planning set the minimum vehicle travel lane width at 10′ not at 11′.

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  1. While I can’t be there tomorrow, I do want to suggest that those interested in submitting testimony can compose a succinct letter to the commission and send it by email (TODAY) to
    Include in your communication:
    -The agenda item (Item #10 Case No. CPC-2009-871-GPA;
    -Reference to the document (ENV-2009-2650-MND)
    -Your position on the issue vis-a-vis the substance of the matter as presented to the Commission (that’s important – see the agenda text below); and,
    -A statement of support for your position (keep it to the facts and avoid hyperbole);

    The single biggest avoidable mistake in public testimony is to talk off-topic or provide information (anecdotal or irrelevant) information to decision-makers. So keep it relevant, focused, and useful. Consider posting it elswehere for others to reference.

    The Commissioners will decide whether to….
    1. Adopt the attached Staff Report as the Commission’s report on the subject;
    2. Adopt the attached findings;
    3. Approve and Recommend that the Mayor approve and the City Council adopt by Resolution the
    Bicycle Plan amending the Transportation Element of the General Plan.
    4. Adopt ENV-2009-2650-MND and the associated findings.
    5. Instruct the Director of Planning to make the necessary changes to the Transportation Element
    upon adoption by the City Council.
    6. Direct the Department of City Planning to file the Notice of Determination (NOD) after City Council
    approval of the project.

  2. […] LACBC identifies a greater problem (as just one recommendation of three.)  In the current plan, signage and sharrows, or even lesser pavement markings, can be enough to designate a street as BFS.  That’s barely an upgrade from the much reviled bike route standard.  LACBC specifies a simple solution: […]

  3. Where will the Bicycle Friendly Streets be in Northridge?
    More notice of changes like Wilbur Ave. Bike Lanes in Northridge to Neighborhood Councils like Northridge West Neighborhood Council!

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