We Know a Place Where No Cars Go: A CicLAvia Reflection

October 15, 2010 at 11:50 am | Posted in Bike News, LACBC Events | 3 Comments

We know it’s few days later, but here at the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, we’re still talking about how inspirational and exciting this past Sunday’s inaugural CicLAvia event was. We’re now suffering from CicLAvia withdrawals, finding ways to cope, and thinking of forming a CicLAvia support group. Streets are for people, so why can’t CicLAvia be every day?

CicLAvia participants enjoy a car-free 4th Street Bridge. Photo: LACBC

Perhaps you saw a few of us LACBC-ers out along the route, whether it was Allison speaking at the press event at Hollenbeck Park, Alexis talking about the Boyle Heights Living Streets Initiative, Erica riding caboose for the LACBC ride, JJ riding around in her glittered up costume, or Carol and Aurisha at the MacArthur Park pit stop. It was terrific seeing so many familiar faces in the bicycle community as well as meeting new people who had never heard of LACBC before.

It was quite hot out, and at our pit stop at 7th and Park View in MacArthur Park, we were more than happy to supply bicyclists and pedestrians with water, energy bars, air for their tires, LACBC stickers, LACBC brochures, and route information. We also happened to be located next to some chalk artists who encouraged others to join in on the fun.

CicLAvia participants stop by the LACBC pit stop. Photo: LACBC

One of our favorite things about being at the pit stop was seeing all the cheerful faces, and we especially enjoyed the many smiling faces of the children. Several families stopped by (many from the first ever MidDay Ridazz Family/Kids’ ride), and it gave us hope to see some of the future leaders of the bicycle movement out on their bikes, experiencing how fun and efficient bicycling can be. Props to the one kid who explained to a pit stop visitor and me what Sharrows were and where we could find them. That’s a future LACBC employee right there!

Thanks to everyone who came out to CicLAvia and to the hard-working and determined organizers! Experiencing CicLAvia means a lot to LACBC, as the initial planning began with the formation of an LACBC CicLAvia subcommittee. (You can read more about how CicLAvia got started here at the LADOT Bike Blog.) Though CicLAvia has grown so huge—100,000 estimated participants is kind of a big deal—that it incorporated a few months ago and will soon become its own 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, LACBC has recently acted as the fiscal sponsor for CicLAvia and we could not be happier to be involved.

Our cheeks hurt from smiling so much, and we can’t wait until the next one. Sunday, October 10, 2010 will be remembered as the day Angelinos came together to reclaim their streets by playing in them.

– carol@la-bike.org

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  1. As a naive outsider cycling in LA for the first time in 25 years, I was blown away by the progress being made towards livable streets and healthier and/or more efficient transport. Obviously, there’s lots of work to be done but there’s a lot to be proud of.

    Here’s some CicLAvia pics as well a profile of other positive trends in LA’s transportation culture and infrastructure I found while at CicLAvia. I was truly moved by what I saw:


  2. One of my happier moments on a very happy day was seeing an LACBC-branded bike (signs on the panniers) on Spring St,, just across from your offices. I was sucking on a horchata from the Mexican place and imagining for the next CicLAvia a sidewalk booth with GIANT banner across the street. xxoo

  3. […] to foster this concept and together, with the entire bicycling community, were able to enjoy the 1st of what we hope to be many more CicLAvias in Los […]

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