Follow Up From the Bike Summit & “Give Me 3″ Press Conference

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Yesterday, LACBC met with Jaime de la Vega and Heidi Sickler from the Mayor’s office to follow up on some of the key requests we brought to the Mayor’s attention at the Bike Summit.

1) Bike Plan Implementation Strategy:
LACBC submitted a call for the Mayor to immediately implement high profile bike facilities.
Please click here to view the document and priority list we submitted.

2) Bicycle Boulevards:
The implementation of the 4th Street Bicycle Boulevard is a LACBC priority. As 4th Street has support for Councilmember LaBonge, community members, and local stakeholders, we feel this Bicycle Boulevard, equip with the necessary traffic calming devices such as bulb-outs, traffic circles, bicycle activated signals etc, would create a precedent and establish some best practices for future Bicycle Boulevards. We are working with some of the instrumental volunteers, integral to this campaign, to put together a list of suggested treatments appropriate for each intersection. We will continue to work with LADOT, the Mayors Office and Councilmember LaBonge’s office to see this project implemented as soon as possible.

3) Complete Streets and Training:
We issued a request to the Mayor to issue a directive to all roadway engineers and department heads to abide by the Complete Street Standards outlined in the Complete Streets Law, which goes into effect in January of 2011. For years our road engineers have only been asked to keep vehicle traffic moving, we’re asking the Mayor to give them a new directive – a directive to design streets for the safety of all users and to safely move bicycle, pedestrian, transit, and vehicle traffic on the same streets. To accomplish this the Mayor’s directive would also require engineers, planners, and related staff within the departments of Bureau of Street Services, Bureau of Engineers and DOT to attend bicycle and pedestrian safety design training seminars.

4) Bicycle Safety and Awareness:
In continuation of the Bicycle Safety Awareness Campaign, LACBC requested that the City create a “one stop” city bicycle safety and information website. Links to this site or page need to be easily viewable from the homepage of city websites. Using the LADOT bicyclela website as a central location, we will be working with these offices to update and incorporate more information and resources to this site.

5) 3 Foot Passing Law:
The Mayor confirmed his commitment to seeing a 3 Foot Passing Law enacted in the State of California in 2011. LACBC will be working with his office and the California Bicycle Coalition (CBC) to draft language and find a sponsor for the law. The CBC previously worked to enact a 3 Foot Passing Law in 2006 and more recently to on a Vulnerable User Law – we’re hoping with the support of the Mayor the 3 Foot Passing Law and a Vulnerable User Law will both become law in the next year. We will be keeping you posted on our progress over the next few months and will need your support in Sacramento in 2011.

6) Updating Metro’s TOD Guidelines to Include Bicycle Parking Facilities:
The Mayor will be submitting a motion for the September MTA board meeting to incorporate better bike facilities with all MTA projects and improve bicycle access to transit. This would include triple racks on buses as well as bikes on rail.

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  1. I downloaded the document you sent but couldn’t find the list of priority streets you recommended. Where is that list?

    • Thanks for letting me know. I uploaded it now. You should be able to download it.

  2. I think the practice of using 4 way stop signs at intersections destroys the benefits of bicycling side streets rather than busy
    streets with traffics lights.

  3. Thanks for putting these together; that’s why we turn to the LACBC. Leadership! It’s crucial that the cycling community focus now on the Mayor’s stated commitment to safe cycling and additional infrastructure. The strategy statement and list of priorities will help get us there. The BAC meeting a couple of weeks ago highlighted the challenges of working with DOT, but also suggested the opportunities. The Mayor’s office may not change the culture of bike planning that, for too long in LA, has been planning in name only. The cycling community may be able to. Have a look:
    Thanks LACBC for your representation at these meetings.

  4. Hello, are there any cyclists out there with experience in riding the streets of downtown Los Angeles, at night? I just received my ordered NiteRider MiNewt Mini head light, a three-LED tail light, and a green and red Nite Ize SpokeLights, which should make me visible to the motorist from all angles. Is there a group ride that I can possibly join? I am very familiar with the streets of downtown, as this is where I live, and I am interested in your experiences – good or bad – on downtown night riding. Thanks.

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