Bike Lanes on Wilbur Ave in SVF Threatened – Send in Letters Today

August 19, 2010 at 1:57 pm | Posted in Bike News, Get Involved | 4 Comments
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The City has plans to implement bike lanes on Wilbur Avenue in the San Fernando Valley, which is a very needed and a positive move forward.

The City’s present striping plan is to reduce the vehicle traffic lanes on Wilbur Avenue down to a one vehicle lane in each direction – 1 North bound lane and 1 South bound lane, to allow for a striped bicycle lane in each direction. Presently, they are preliminarily stenciled in as preparation for striping.

There are some folks out there already voicing opposition to these lanes being implement and that traffic lanes are being reduced.

It is very important that the Councilmember hear from you, the cyclists, in support of the bike lanes on Wilbur and reduction in traffic lanes. This plan for Wilbur Ave. will create a safer and healthier street for all users, especially the students attending the numerous schools in the area.

We have included a sample letter to email Councilmember Smith as soon as possible.
Feel free to personalize.

Please email letter to and bcc

Honorable Los Angeles City Councilmember Greig Smith
200 N. Spring Street, Rm 405
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Honorable Councilmember Greig Smith:

I write to you in support of the new bike lanes being added to Wilbur Avenue.

Reducing the number of car lanes on Wilbur means a safer street. Reduced lanes lowers speeds and increases safety for all road users, whether drivers, passengers, cyclists or pedestrians. The new lane striping is especially helpful for the safety of elementary school children crossing Wilbur to get to Topeka Drive Elementary School and Calahan Street Elementary School.

Thank you for looking out for public safety and the quality of life of all Valley residents as you decide the future of Wilbur Avenue.

ADDRESS [be sure to include address – let him know you live/work in the San Fernando Valley]

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