Mayor Villaraigosa, the Need To Take Action for Safer Streets in Los Angeles is Now Painfully Clear

July 20, 2010 at 12:22 pm | Posted in Bike News | 2 Comments
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A facility like San Francisco's protected green bike lane could have prevented the Mayor's crash. Photos; Bryan Goebel/StreetsblogSF

We just delivered a letter to Mayor Villaraigosa’s office. Click here to read it.

LACBC is saddened to hear about Mayor Villaraigosa’s recent bicycle crash. First and foremost, we wish Mayor Villaraigosa a quick recovery.

However, many local bicyclists can relate to the mayor’s experience all too well. The injury suffered by Mayor Villaraigosa on Venice Boulevard makes clear the need for safer streets for all road users in Los Angeles.

More education is needed for motorists about looking for bicyclists before pulling in or out of a parking space, opening car doors, or turning across a bike lane. With the Mayor’s leadership, the City should begin a bicycle safety awareness campaign similar to New York City’s “Look” campaign.

NYC's Bicycle Awareness Campaign "Look" is a model Los Angeles can look to. Photo;

Also, one of the best ways to increase motorist awareness of bicyclists is to create safety in numbers. This can happen through increased and better bicycle infrastructure and is why LACBC has been working so hard on the implementation of sharrows.

LACBC urges the Mayor to follow the lead of cities like Long Beach and San Francisco and make a commitment to implement multiple high-profile bicycle lane projects.  The designation of 10% of Measure R Local Return funds for bike/pedestrian projects in Los Angeles is an important step in this direction and we appreciate the Mayor’s continued support on this issue. The city of Los Angeles should use this opportunity to create a truly sustainable 21st century transportation system that features sound and comprehensive bicycle infrastructure.

Finally, LACBC has also begun working with the Los Angeles Taxi Workers Alliance (LATWA) to promote mutual respect and understanding amongst taxi workers and bicyclists. Together we will create materials to help educate cab drivers about sharing the road with cyclists.

LACBC and LATWA are members of the Green LA Transportation Working Group and believe that both bikes and taxis are part of the sustainable transportation system that Los Angeles needs to reduce overall car dependence.  Bikes and taxis extend the reach of public transportation and will help realize the Mayor’s vision of sustainability, livability, and “elegant density.”

Los Angeles, under the leadership of Mayor Villaraigosa and in partnership with the bicycling community and it’s partner advocates in the taxi world, must take action to make sure that our streets are no longer places where people from all walks of life can be injured in the blink of an eye.

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