Measure R Set-Aside Ensures Funding for Bike/Ped Projects

July 14, 2010 at 9:49 am | Posted in Bike News | 13 Comments

Yesterday, LACBC was notified that the 10% bike/ped set-aside for Measure R was officially confirmed and monies were made available with the beginning of 2011 fiscal year on July 1st.  The 10% set-aside was initially approved by City Council, as part of their 2010/2011 City of LA Budget deliberations in May.

The 10% would set aside a projected 3.27 million dollars specifically for bicycle and pedestrian projects for the upcoming 2011 fiscal year.  To view the complete report, go here.

Unfortunately, due to hesitation to dedicate this funding to bikes/peds on Councilmember Parks’ part, all of this money needs to be spent in order for it this set-aside to be renewed in future years.

Fortunately, what this means is that there is money available to implement much needed bike and pedestrian infrastructure. There are enough ready- to -go projects and now lack of funding can no longer be an excuse. LACBC will work to ensure that every single penny of the over $3 million dollars for bike/ped projects for City of LA will be spent.

This success has been a collaborative effort between LACBC, LA Streetsblog (Damien Newton), and the Green LA Coalition Transportation Working Group, who after 2 long years of pushing for a set-aside for bikes and pedestrians can finally claim victory.

We want to thank our members and supporters for attending key meetings, calling their Councilmembers and writing letters in support for this 10%.  Without you, we could not have secured this victory.

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  1. Congratulations!

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  5. Is there any way to bond against the 30 years of Measure R bike/ped returns so that we could get a lump sum up front?

    I’m not really sure how this works, but it was suggested to me by a knowledgeable person who’s done a lot of bonding on State projects in the past.

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  7. […] More than $3 million dollars from Measure R will be dedicated to bike and pedestrian improvements in fiscal year 2011, and the LA County Bike Coalition says there are plenty of shovel-ready projects. (LACBC Blog) […]

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  11. […] way. With bicycles, however, the mayor could completely reform LA’s transportation for, what, $6 million in Measure R dollars and two years of road re-striping? Compared to the sticker prices on some of his other “green” ideas, and the time required for […]

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