New bike lanes on Verdugo Avenue in Burbank need your support!

July 1, 2010 at 2:39 pm | Posted in Bike News, Get Involved | 7 Comments
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For the past several months, Verdugo Avenue, in Burbank, once a 4-lane throughway has been narrowed down to two lanes to make room for a bike lane on each side. This is a very exciting development for cyclists; however, the change may not be permanent, because the Burbank City Council is receiving letters of opposition to these bike lanes.  In the fall, Burbank City Council will make their final decision on whether or not to keep these bike lanes, so with your support, let’s get them to say yes! Please send in your comments before the end of July. Support bicycle facilities in Burbank!

Sample E-mail Text:

Hi my name is ____, and I live in____.  I support the Verdugo Avenue bicycle lanes in Burbank.  They increase safety and public health for cyclists and all users of the road.  The Verdugo Avenue bicycle lanes are an important step towards creating a greener environment and more livable Burbank.

Please send your support to the following:

Burbank City Council

Burbank Leader, Burbank’s local paper

Also please cc:

For more info, please see read the Streetsblog article.

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  3. Please keep the bike lanes and add more, I only patronize shops on busy streets with safe bike lanes because I don’t waste gas using my car to go to the store or to shops and restaurants.

  4. I cannot support the Verdugo bike lane. I have lived in Burbank my whole 40 years of life. The street is bumper to bumper now (at least when I seem to be on it). I NEVER EVER see anyone on a bike???? I have a friend who lives off of Verdugo & witnessed an accident because of the new bike lane (does not seem safe to me)!! MY husband & friends feel the same. Please put back to the old 4 lane road.

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  6. Keep the left turn pockets but eliminate the bike lanes for everyone’s safety. No one uses the bike lanes except for recreation.

  7. […] you may recall, a road diet was installed on Verdugo over a year ago; after complaints from some motorists, the city council voted to keep the lanes in […]

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