Sharrows Finally On The Streets of LA!

June 11, 2010 at 3:04 pm | Posted in Bike News | 13 Comments
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Sharrows are finally on the ground in Los Angeles, photo; facebook/lacbc

This morning we watched the installation of the City of Los Angeles’ first Sharrows, painted on Fountain Ave. in East Hollywood where City Council President and sharrows champion Eric Garcetti’s 13th district is located.  For LACBC this marks a very important victory and we’re hoping today will be turning point for Los Angeles.  Sharrows have been used in cities all across the U.S., in Canada and even in Australia. Los Angeles however had still not seen a single official shared lane marking.  But today we can say that LA has sharrows and they are here to stay. We’ve got videos and photos from this morning’s painting that we will be posting later today.

We would like to thank Council President Eric Garcetti for his leadership and help pushing through the effort to see sharrows on Los Angeles’ streets. We would also like to thank Mayor Villaraigosa for his support and help in solidifying funding from SCAG, ensuring that this project could actually happen. Thank you to the the David Bohnett Foundation for funding LACBC’s portion of the tasks and to LADOT for finally getting paint on the ground.

There are 5 more locations where DOT will be painting sharrows in the coming weeks, so look forward to more sharrows news. LACBC will be finalizing the sharrows pilot project through the summer and early fall, and will continue to work to identify streets that can benefit from sharrows as they become a standard part of the toolbox used to make this city a better place to bike.

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  1. […] about them from the LADOT’s facutally- and grammatically-challenged Bike Blog, from the LACBC’s blog, and from an email from Eco-Village’s Aurisha Smolarski, who works for the LACBC and […]

  2. Awesome!!! Everyone please call their city council members to get these all over the city!

  3. […] goes to City Council President Eric Garcetti, who championed the project, and the LACBC, which has unrelentingly led the fight for the last five […]

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  5. THANKS and congrats to all of you for your hard work in getting this done! Just rode them the past few days! I’m gonna have to get used to riding a little bit farther from the curb now! I’m proud to have sharrows not just in my city, but in my hood!

  6. I’m not really sure why these are considered a victory. All they do is remind drivers to follow laws that already exist while implying that they don’t have to share the vast majority of streets that aren’t painted with “sharrows”
    Dedicated bike lanes- now, that would be a victory.

    • I agree completely with Miller.

  7. For Walter and Miller:

    Go out and make the dedicated bike lanes happen, if that’s what you think is a bicyclist victory.

    There is no one type of “victory” for bicyclist visibility and legitimacy… and hundreds, if not thousands (?), of Los Angelenos volunteered their time and effort over multiple years in order to further this cause and precipitate this victory.

    Congratulations to them, and all of us, for this victory that will remind motorists and bicyclists from a wide variety of backgrounds that on these streets, bikes belong.

  8. Bicycles never follow laws and one time a bike almost hit me while i was walking. Critical Mass, which the bike coalition invented, is responsible for all of LA’s problems!! Now cars are going to become second class citizens. Next, they are going to want to cut in front of me at the starbucks drive thru! Oh brother.

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  12. […] Festival and CicLAvia. Together, they have worked on campaigns to increase bicycle funding, stripe Sharrows, create Bike Boulevards, create a new Bike Plan and the and secure funding from the 30/10 plan to […]

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