Mayor Villaraigosa’s Response to LAPD’s Brutality Against Bicyclists

June 7, 2010 at 4:08 pm | Posted in Bike News | 7 Comments
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Last Friday, we composed a letter to Mayor Villaraigosa and delivered it in person to his office. We called for him to show leadership on the city of Los Angeles’ response to  LAPD brutality caught on video at the May 28 Critical Mass bike ride. What follows is the Mayor’s brief response to our letter, which he asked us to post on our blog:

Bicyclists have every right to use our City streets and to be treated with courtesy and respect—both by drivers and law enforcement.

I fully support LAPD Chief Charlie Beck’s efforts to improve the relationship between cyclists and police officers, and I was very   disappointed  to hear about the confrontation in Hollywood on May 28.

The video from that night is disturbing. The LAPD is conducting a full investigation of this incident, and I have complete confidence in Chief Beck’s commitment to making the City’s streets safe for everyone.

—Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

We invite you to post your comments about this alarming incident, and how you think that the mayor and the city should respond.

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  1. The Mayor flaps his over-glossed lips and wiggles his artificially orange face about the LAPD policing it’s own. We get kicked in the streets while he grins his creepy grin on America’s Next Top Model.

  2. Mayor V,

    This is certainly a polite and affirming response. But this city and its bicyclists need leadership. Actions, not words, will ensure that we can ride safely and free of fear, as the Cyclists’ Bill of Rights puts it. You are in charge. So if you are really serious about making this a city where men, women, and children can ride bicycles without experiencing brutality from either police officers or motorists, then you have to get moving.

    How many miles of bike lanes will be striped under your leadership next year?
    How much funding will you dedicate to bicycle and pedestrian projects in the City of LA?
    Will you revise city codes and “mitigation” ordinances to stop forcing developers to subsidize parking and road widening at the cost of all other modes?
    Will you ensure that the DA prosecutes hit and runs aggressively?
    As a member of the Metro Board, will you ensure that operators who endanger bicyclists and pedestrians are punished?
    As a member of the Metro Board, will you ensure that bicycle and pedestrian projects receive more funding?

    and finally,

    How many miles will YOU ride in this fair city next year? How many times a week will you take transit, walk, or bike to work?

    I invite you to stop talking and start… pedaling. Ride with us. Answer these questions. And take real action, because we face violence daily and talk is not enough.

  3. […] and attacking a different rider recording the incident.  Instead of his press office,  Villaraigosa uses the LACBC's blog to make his official statement on the attack, video and the LAPD's […]

  4. The mayor’s response is tepid and disappointing. I don’t see any commitment to making the city of L.A. safer for bicyclists.

    Honorable Mayor Villaraigosa – can you please show some leadership and work to change the culture of L.A. City departments? If you, Mayor Villaraigosa, respect and value bicyclists and you priotitize making L.A. streets safe for vulnerable users, your police, engineers, planners and others will follow your lead… and your vision of L.A. an elegant dense green city will move closer to reality.

    (@Herbie Huff – above – yes – all great points!)

  5. […] next business day after the letter was hand-delivered to his office, he offered his response to the LACBC. Bicyclists have every right to use our City streets and to be treated with courtesy […]

  6. What the Mayor and Chief Beck don’t seem to get here is, that the safety of cyclists around the city has very little to do with the very minor scuffle in Hollywood. The majority of the issue is about the weak and shallow “commitment” the city has made to build safe bicycle lanes around this city. The lanes are sporadic at best and offer ZERO protection from drivers. There should be some north/south and east/west streets with “no parking”, and barriers put in place to separate the lanes and protect the cyclists. The next accident that takes a cyclist out by a car should be followed by a law suit. An action I’m typically against. But the city, demonstrably only understands legal action. Maybe we should wait for Carruso to become Mayor, he seems to be a man that’s a doer, not a waffler. I thought Democrats were supposed to like us cyclists? I guess not.

  7. Oh yeah, and enough with this clown in the video! I feel bad for the dude that got kicked, but enough already, the guy taking the video had his 15 minutes and did his service by leaking the incident. Now he and his savage behavior is ruining our massage. So ENOUGH already, we are going to loose this opportunity because this is the ridiculous incident that your hanging your hat on. Most people are looking at it as a blunder by the police, but then looking at this moron yelling like a school yard thug and turning the page. It’s time to turn this into a substantive discussion. So escape mediocrity and stop putting this stupid video, where everyone is an idiot, as a link on the story. It just makes us cyclists look bad.

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