10th Annual River Ride is This Sunday, City Still Won’t Let Us On the New Stretch of the River Path

June 4, 2010 at 5:11 pm | Posted in LACBC Events | 2 Comments
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LACBC staff and volunteers at this morning's River Ride exhibition ride; photo, LACBC facebook.

LACBC’s 10th Annual LA River Ride is this Sunday, June 6th, and if you haven’t registered yet you can still come out this weekend and be a part of all the fun. Day-of registration will be at the main lawn south of the Autry Museum in Griffith Park and you can find out more info on the River Ride website about ride times and everything else going on this Sunday.

This an enormous weekend for us and we’re looking forward to all the great times to come. But we’ve already had to explain to a concerned River Rider why the City has refused to allow us to use the newly paved stretch of the River path around Fletcher Blvd (even though numerous people already do so every single day). The reason? A delay in the installation of railing and the City’s concern over the liabilities associated with this.

What follows is an email response that our River Ride Coordinator Janette Hoffman sent out, and we thought we’d share it with everyone coming out this weekend. Though this is still something that disappoints everyone at LACBC, it also motivates us to continue fighting for the continued restoration of the River as a viable public space .

Hello Ara,

We have been working closely with Council Members and DOT in the hope that they will complete the path before the ride or allow us to ride on the River path even though it is not quite complete.

Being unable to ride on the path that we, along with other groups, have fought hard to complete, in time for our 10th Anniversary ride is very distressing to us as you can imagine.  Back in 2006 the River Ride led a Postcard Campaign to the Mayor.  All participants were given a postcard to sign asking the Mayor to complete the path. LACBC sent those signed postcards at once.  Can you imagine 1000s of postcards flooding the Mayor’s office at the same time?  Well, in 2009 we got our wish!  The path from Fletcher to Figueroa was constructed, but it is still, according to DOT, closed.

The latest word is that we are not allowed on that path.  The River Ride is still going to be a lot of fun and the money raised for this ride helps the LACBC grow and fight for increased infrastructure and bicyclists rights.

Don’t let your disappointment that the path is not complete stop you from having a good time at this event.

The more cyclists we take down this River path, the more power we have with DOT and with City Government to complete the entire path, north and downtown.

You can be a part of that movement by joining us and celebrating our victories.

All the best,

JJ Hoffman
River Ride Director

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  1. that path is completely rideable… and the city said it would be done in February!!

  2. […] June 6th, the Bike Coalition’s annual River Ride was irritating detoured around this very nice stretch of river. In the past couple months, I haven’t seen any workers out there constructing the […]

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