Sharrows Test Rides Kick Off, 2 More Weeks Before Paint on the Ground

May 28, 2010 at 12:37 pm | Posted in Bike News | 6 Comments
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Volunteer Donna Chazanov takes the lane during the Sharrows Test Ride, photo:flickr/LACBC

A big shout-out to all our Sharrows Test Ride volunteers who came out this week to help push the City of LA one week closer to seeing the first ever official sharrows in this city. We test rode two sections of town that will be getting sharrows painted third week of June, making 100 passes on these streets while LADOT recorded how cars reacted to bicyclists taking the lane—which sharrows will direct bikes to do. The experience was altogether enlightening and felt as if simply riding the street was helping to make them safer…which was exactly the case.

We’ve got two more weeks of test rides and then it’s up to LADOT to put the paint on the ground. We’ve been keeping tabs and all signs have pointed to everything being on schedule, so stay tuned to make sure the city holds up its end of the bargain.

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  1. If you need more test riders, shoot me an email.

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  3. We have the sharrows here in Denver and they are TERRIBLE. Cars don’t care what a bike icon with arrows stands for. I think either put in bike lanes or leave it like a normal street. In my riding experience (in both L.A. and Denver), the sharrow is a bad idea.

  4. One way the sharrows are meant to help is by showing bicyclists what lane they ought to choose, to flow with traffic through a tricky intersection– like where San Vicente Blvd crosses Fairfax and Olympic at the same time (google “Merkato Ethiopian Restaurant and Market, Los Angeles, CA”). Also, the driving culture is different here than in Denver– not sure exactly how, but your comment “cars don’t care what a bike icon with arrows stands for” just seems a bit alien to my Angeleno ears. Sure, we have trouble with being accepted in traffic lanes, that’s why we are doing this sharrow thing. We don’t expect it to be a panacea, but it will help us. I’m sure of it. The conversations it has sparked already have been positive, have opened minds and granted some grace for cyclists in some drivers’ minds, and we don’t even have paint on asphalt yet.

    Having said that, I am curious: in what way are sharrows a net negative in Denver? if “cars don’t care” already, how do sharrows make things any worse?

  5. If this can even save one Bicyclist from a lunatic stoned or drunk driver, this is great! At least it is a start! You also need warning signs in English AND “en espanol” also! And huge penalties for cars not paying attention to the markers! If the penalties are stiff enough more people will pay attention!AND earmark that fine money for the Bike projects without possibility of the city confiscating it for the use of the politicians corrupt private pockets![Like the city takes all extra money from the DWP and that is why the rates keep going up, and why nothing gets fixed.]! Good Luck! This is a noble venture!

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