Update: DOT Releases Sharrows Test Ride Dates and Times

May 17, 2010 at 12:52 pm | Posted in Get Involved | 6 Comments
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Thanks to the hard work of Michelle Mowery, LADOT’s senior Bike Programs Coordinator, we now have dates and times for the sharrows test ride we talked about last week;

So we need volunteers to help ride the streets that are going to be sharrowed in June. While riders are passing through the streets along markers that will simulate where sharrows will go,  DOT will be tracking how motorists respond to bicyclists taking the lane. Volunteers will get a cycle computer if they don’t have one–bring your own if you do–to track the back and forth routes riders will be performing over the two hour time slots that DOT is requesting for the study.

Bicyclists taking LACBC's sharrow survey, LA's first ever on street bicyclist intercept survey, photo: Flickr/lacbc

Only difference is, DOT now wants us out there for 3 hour blocks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and the dates are staggered through the last week of May and the first and second weeks of June. So check out the schedule below and email sharrows@la-bike.org to get involved. Once this last step of the preliminary work is done, we’ll finally see sharrows painted by the City of Los Angeles in the streets of LA!

Update: All morning times have been moved from 6:30am to 7:30am, now ending at 10:30am (5/27/10).

  1. East Hollywood, Tuesday May 25th, 7:30AM–10:30AM
  2. East Hollywood, Tuesday May 25th, 3:30PM–6:30PM
  3. Koreatown, Wednesday May 26th, 7:30AM–10:30AM
  4. Koreatown, Wednesday May 26th,3:30PM–6:30PM
  5. Reseda, Wednesday June 2nd, 7:30AM–10:30AM
  6. Reseda, Wednesday June 2nd, 3:30PM–6:30PM
  7. University Park/USC, Thursday June 3rd, 7:30AM–10:30AM
  8. University Park/USC, Thursday June 3rd, 3:30PM–6:30PM
  9. Holmby Hills/UCLA, Tuesday June 8th, 7:30AM–10:30AM
  10. Holmby Hills/UCLA, Tuesday June 8th, 3:30PM–6:30PM
  11. Venice, Wednesday June 9th, 7:30AM–10:30AM
  12. Venice, Wednesday June 9th, 3:30PM–6:30PM
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  1. I hope the project doesn’t stall, because sharrows are really easy to paint, and long overdue! Let’s keep the pressure on to get this done sooner rather than later.

  2. I am very happy that LADOT is taking a step forward on sharrows. I am still firm in belief that a study before implementation isn’t in the best interest of the critical path to protecting cyclists on the streets (as many cities have sharrows already); but, at least something is happening in the most bureaucratic, red tape city of LA.

    Thanks to the hard work of Michelle Mowery

    It should be pointed out for the record that Ms. Mowery and LADOT have offered many reasons (paint is slippery, motorists might be confused, etc.) to stall this process over the past few years. She might not have had to work so hard now if she would have fully supported and fought for sharrows in the past. We just have to keep the pressure on to get these implemented since it was citizen pressure that has effectively changed the opinion and actions of the LADOT.

    • You guys are both right, and I suppose that bit of sarcasm should have been sprinkled on the GM instead–aim for those who can say yes right?

      The DOT is to paint sharrows in the second week of June. The more we can drum up this time line that they’ve committed to, the more pressure they’ll be under to act on it. Finally, as the sharrow pilot continues going through the motions and nears its end in the fall, we will have to push for sharrows on the streets where we know they’re needed and effective. Hoping we can come together around that project…

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