Send a Thank You for your Councilmember for Voting Yes

April 29, 2010 at 12:43 pm | Posted in Get Involved | 1 Comment

And a note of disappointment if your Councilmember voted no.

And if you really have time, please come out the Budget and Finance Committee Meeting that was scheduled last minute to be today at 3pm!

Contact info to e-mail, call or send a letter to your Councilmember.


Please do this BEFORE end of day FRIDAY. Your Councilmembers need to hear from you, their constituents!

Thanks in advance.

Who to thank: Councilmembers Alarcón, Koretz, Rosendahl, Krekorian, Reyes, Huizar, Garcetti, LaBonge, Cardenas, Hahn, and Zine all voted yes.

Who to express disappointment:  Councilmembers Parks, Perry and Smith voted NO on the full 10%, preferring a “up-to” 10% language.

Sample Thank You Language (Put in the proper name, room and info for your Councilmember)

Honorable Los Angeles City Councilmember _______

200 N. Spring Street, Suite ____
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Honorable Councilmember ___________,

The 10% for bikes/peds set-aside is an important element in planning for the future of our city. We would like to thank you for your continued support and dedication in ensuring that the full 10% set-aside is uncompromised.

This marks an important turning point in the transportation priorities for the City of Los Angeles. We are encouraged to see that you are part of creating the necessary changes our city depends on in order to become a healthier and more livable Los Angeles.

Thank you,


Address (if possible)

Zip Code

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  1. […] encourages you to say thanks to your yes-voting council member. USC’s Neon Tommy takes a look at Bikeside, which endorses Winograd for Congress. Stephen Box […]

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