Motion Proposed by LACBC to Councilmember Huizar for Metro’s Board of Directors

January 21, 2010 at 4:52 pm | Posted in Bike News | 1 Comment

LACBC has drafted a motion regarding space on Metro for bikes that we would like to see brought to Metro Board of Directors. We have also included some suggestions, concerns and issues that have been raised and how they can be addressed. We hope that this Motion will be at the next Metro Board of Director’s meeting. We will keep you posted.


Metro must accommodate all users during regular and peak hours, and designate sufficient space for multiple bikes on trains. They must provide publications and clear signage to make it easy for passengers to see where bikes should be placed in train cars and how to enter and exit both trains and stations.

These accommodations can be implemented in multiple ways:

A) A large set aside area for bikes in either the last or first car. This car can also provide flip up seating and room for ADA accommodations. Hooks and straps can secure bikes to the floors of the train.
B) Ample space in each train car for multiple bikes. The same ADA accommodations and bike-securing features can also be present in this scenario.

Metro should be championing these issues not opposing them:

1. Bikes are an integral part of making Metro a successful, multi-modal system.
2. Many people depend on bikes to get to their jobs.

3. There are increasing numbers of cyclists on rail, which means that there is an increasing demand for Metro’s products.
4. Bicyclists have to dangerously run from one car to the next just to make their train when there are already two bikes in a car.
5. Clearly designated areas for bikes would ensure that all users–including people with physical disabilities, strollers, luggage and regular users–would remain safe and conveniently accommodated.
6. Increasing bike access would make it convenient for families with young children and their bicycles to sit in one car together.

Addressing previous concerns:

Bikes blocking the doors

This would be a non-issue if bikes were given sufficient space away from doors and if there were clear designations and signage for where bikes should be.
Securing bikes
There are multiple ways bikes can be securely fastened. The Metrolink trains operating in Los Angeles have velcro straps and fasteners in the spaces designated for bikes on their trains.

Less capacity for seating
This could be a non-issue because Metro can accommodate the same if not more people if there is a designated standing room only area. Flip seats could be incorporated in these areas for use during non-rush hour times. Standing room areas would also accommodate bicycles.

Group rides using Metro
This is a rare occurrence, and if and when it does happen it is most often during off-peak hours when there are fewer passengers. Bicyclists would be more inclined to respect the rules put forth by Metro if they were given equal respect for their lifestyle choices and necessities.

2 bikes per-car restriction
Conflicts between bicycles and regular passengers during peak hour times can be resolved if bicycles are given adequate access to trains. Further, families traveling together by bike cannot sit together with their young children. Finally, bicycles are singled out as there are no restrictions on baby carriages, people carrying luggage, or any other large item regularly brought onto metro trains, both during regular and peak hours. There should be no undeserved restrictions on the bicycle access.

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