LA Bike Plan Action and Comments

October 29, 2009 at 6:30 pm | Posted in Bike News, Get Involved | 3 Comments

LACBC recently invited the Mayor’s office, LADOT General Manager Rita Robinson, LA City Planning Deputy Director, Jane Blumenfeld, Deputy Mayor for the Environment David Freeman, and Deputy Mayor for Transportation Jaime de la Vega and LA City Mayor staff to meet with us to discuss the Bike Plan.

With this meeting we hope to work to discuss and develop a plan that is acceptable for cyclists.  We included, among other points, the following in the e-mail:

…we are concerned that in January we will continue to see a bike plan that is unacceptable for cyclists.  This plan lacks vision and creativity and the maps continue to show a lack of commitment for bicycle infrastructure in LA City.

Cyclists from a variety of locations and organizations have been expressing their dismay in the bike plan. LACBC would like to set up a time to discuss the LA Bike Plan with you and to discuss how we can collectively make this plan more creative, have validity and vision and be acceptable by LA cyclists.

Here are some immediate and feasible changes that will make this plan be a step in the right direction and show commitment to creating a cohesive bikeway network in LA.

    • Set implementation goals and timelines for these goals
    • Have only one category for bike lanes and keep language consistent with 1996 plan:  “Designated Bike Lanes” instead of “Proposed” and “Potential”
    • 55-60% of the lanes in 1996 plan have been downgraded or removed from the current plan. We would like to see the remaining 1996 bike lanes included in this current Plan.
    • More designated arterials. With this plan there would be no more bikes lanes in the Valley and very few additional lanes in central LA.

We’re hoping to have the meeting during the first two weeks of November.

Many people were involved at a meeting LACBC held Thursday October 22nd to formulate and discuss the above ideas.  The people who were in attendance  were Joe Linton from CICLE, Ramon Martinez from Bike Oven, Herbie Huff from the UCLA Bicycle Coalition, and LACBC staff and volunteers.  Thanks to all of them for contributing to these ideas.

More Bike Plan comments from the LACBC October 22nd meeting:

  • Bicycle Plan Implementation Team needs to include BSS (Bureau of Street Services) and needs to be open to the public, with documents online
  • Bike Plan should set goals- City council should set goals and LADOT should report progress of goals to T-committee, should include modal share measurement
  • Prioritization table from Chapter 6- need to reveal methodology of how they got this table
  • 8.1.4: For Bike Counts section, Bike Counts should not be used to prevent implementation of bikeways
  • LADOT should automatically coordinate and implement with Bureau of Street Services (BSS) for lanes when streets get repaved- list of upcoming projects needs to be on the web and be open to the public
  • The plan should offer a good mix of routes/lanes on arterial streets, bike friendly streets, and paths so that the network serves all types of riders.

Many of these suggestions have come out of various meetings that have happened throughout the bicycle community.  They are suggestions that LACBC, the Bike Working Group, CICLE, Bike Oven, Bike Writers Collective, Westside Bikeside and some members of the BAC have initiated and/or supported.   The more we repeat the points we agree upon, the stronger they become.

For more comments from other advocates and organizations:

Alex Thompson of Westside Bikeside has listed the Bike Working Group’s set of preliminary talking points here:

Joe Linton of CICLE wrote about the multiple bicycle coordinator idea:

General Bike Plan feedback:

Josef Bray Ali

Stephen Box


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  1. Thanks for posting your activities. There’s a lot of interest in the new bike plan, so keep the updates–and upcoming participation happenings–rolling!

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