LACBC Sharrows Letter to Mayor Villaraigosa

May 7, 2009 at 6:44 pm | Posted in Bike News, Get Involved | 5 Comments
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Please cut and paste this letter and email/fax it to:

Mayor Villaraigosa:, Fax: (213) 978-0750

Jaime delaVega, Deputy Mayor for Transportation Fax: (213) 978- 0719

Borja Leon, Transportation Policy Office of Mayor, Fax: (213) 978-0719

Marisa Perez, Associate Director of Transportation

The Honorable Antonio Villaraigosa

Mayor of the City of Los Angeles

200 North Spring Street, Room 303

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Dear Mayor Villaraigosa:

Los Angeles faces the simultaneous crises of air pollution, traffic congestion, rising fuel costs and increasing rates of obesity and diabetes as a result of inactive lifestyles. Bicycle transportation is a vastly underdeveloped resource that can address all of these issues at once. The Sharrows (shared-lane markings) Pilot Project is a cost- effective, easy and safe solution that can have immediate benefits for Angelenos. Sharrow implementation is a shovel-ready green project.

We know that you, Mayor, are committed to making L.A. the greenest big city in the world and into an environmentally sustainable city. Sharrows are a cost-effective step in achieving your goal.

In your 2007 Green L.A. Plan you committed to reduce energy consumption, transition to renewable power sources, and change the ways that we commute to work and school. Your plan also calls for L.A. to cut smog, save money on energy costs, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels, and to create jobs and grow our economy by investing in green technologies. Sharrows further all your stated goals and more, by encouraging people to choose bicycling as an alternative mode of transportation. Implementing sharrows will demonstrate your commitment to introducing more green technologies in L.A. that will not only create jobs, as well as being cost-effective, highly visible and improving safety on our streets.

LADOT has committed to implementing sharrows on L.A. streets by end of 2009. We are concerned that the Sharrows Pilot Project is not being prioritized and that the project will continue to be postponed. Please do all that is in your power to ensure that LADOT implements the Sharrows Pilot Project as soon as possible, by no later than fall 2009. You will be making an important, visible step in putting Los Angeles on the map as a green city.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter and for your commitment to improving the environment and the quality of life for all Los Angeles residents.


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