Pico-Union Neighborhood Scores More Bike Racks!

November 29, 2010 at 11:00 am | Posted in Bike News | 2 Comments
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After a year and a half of working with Councilman Reyes and LADOT, more and more bike parking racks are being installed around Los Angeles. So far, a large amount have been installed in the neighborhoods of MacArthur Park and Pico-Union, thanks to LACBC and City of Lights’ advocacy efforts. As discussed in previous blog posts, the neighborhoods that needed racks the most frequently lacked racks, a common environmental justice issue.

We were very excited to see the installation of racks in front of CARECEN Day Laborer Center last month, as well as the recent installation in front of the IDEPSCA Downtown Community Job Center where BiciDigna is hosted. We had requested these two sites, in addition to the Van Nuys IDEPSCA Day Laborer Center. Yet, we don’t want to forget that this was a neighborhood wide campaign. The goal was to get bike parking racks not just at worker centers, but also at widely used stores, consulates, immigration services providers, and other key community sites in the area.

LACBC is proud to let you know at least 45 racks will be installed in the area, with potentially more, once installation backlog clears. We had originally only requested 35-40 locations (click for entire list of requests here), but thanks to LADOT’s strategy of blanketing an intersection directly adjacent to an approved request, we were able to leverage our requests and bring 28 additional racks to the neighborhood than we had initially imagined.

That is a 62% increase from our requests! ¡Órale!

More statistical goodness: Almost 100 (73, to be specific) racks are actually hitting the streets of a low-income neighborhood! Click here for Westlake locations where LADOT has recently (as of Summer 2010) installed racks.


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  1. Congrats, guys! We look forward to installing more racks with LACBC’s help.

  2. [...] ceremony. Our 1.5 year long battle to get more bike parking in Pico-Union also yielded fruit: 43 new racks hit the ground in Fall [...]

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