4th Street Bike Boulevard Campaign

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LACBC is working to make 4th Street a true Bike Boulevard!


4th Street refers to the stretch that goes from Hoover Street in Koreatown to Cochran Avenue in Hancock Park

The good news is that 4th Street has a lot of potential. 4th Street is currently a well-used bicycle route and cyclists have already campaigned for it.  In addition, 4th street from Hoover to Norton has already been repaved and it is designated in the new city Bike Plan Map as a “Bike-Friendly Street.”

For more info on past work on 4th Street go to: 4sbb.com

Last Campaign Meeting

We had a successful campaign meeting at Pure Luck in the Bicycle District  on Tuesday, June 30th where we discussed various outreach and design strategies.  The attendees were Alexis Lantz, Aurisha Smolarski, Roadblock, Paul from killradio.org , Joe Linton, Ingrid Peterson, Dorothy Le, and Will Campbell.

We talked about some issues with 4th Street now, which include cracked concrete west of Norton to La Brea, the collection of water due to an underground creek at Hudson, and general traffic calming and intersection needs.

Check out LACBC’s Flickr page for detailed pictures of bad potholes and cracked concrete on 4th Street.

After discussing 4th Street issues, we had some ideas on treatments, which include chokers, sharrows, bulb-outs at corners, adding mini-parks at Catalina and installing a flashing crosswalk at Highland.

We then discussed how to sell these ideas to the public.  Some ideas we came up with were that a 4th Street Bicycle Boulevard would cut through traffic, kids can ride through it, and it works to increase safety on the street.

Current Action Plan

Currently we want to engage the broader public and find potential supporters and develop a more concrete plan.  We decided to contact LACBC members who live in the area, local Neighborhood Councils, schools, planners and architects in the area.  We also are developing renderings that will illustrate what kind of positive changes we envision for the area.

We need you! How can you help?

If you’re a design professional, we need help with creating renderings.  If you’re in the area or know people in the area who would support this project, we need political and public support.  If you know any funding sources, we need help with that.  And of course if you have ideas, input, creativity, we need all the help we can get!  The bigger this campaign the better!

Join us at our next meeting!

When: Thursday August 6th, 6:30pm

Where: Shatto Park, 3191 W 4th St, Los Angeles

The meeting will be picnic style, bring food and drink!

Contact Dorothy@la-bike.org to get involved with this exciting campaign!

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